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Being a positive force for others: Which careers help you best achieve this?


The modern world is a fast-changing place, and that is apparent in the attitudes we have towards our careers. Many individuals now look for far more in a job than simply making enough money to pay the bills or getting a fancy company car. Life after inpatient rehab might feel difficult however, things eventually work out.

People looking for work these days care more about finding careers that satisfy their personal quest for fulfillment and also, often, to help others. Naturally, this is not just limited to younger people starting out on their career – you can decide to change careers to data science with a good data science course in Hyderabad at any point.

It is this compassion for others and a desire to make the world a better place that is particularly notable. If you feel like that, then the great news is that there are lots of careers out there for you. By choosing one to commit to, you can be a positive force in the world for others that need help.

But which careers are best for this?

Career Advisor 

One of the best ways to be a positive influence on the lives of others is by helping them find a perfect industry or role to move into. It is very rewarding to set someone off on the path to happiness and fulfillment by assisting them in choosing their ideal career. You could work in a variety of settings from colleges to schools where you would interact directly with students. As well as helping them decide where their future lies, you can also make it easier for them to get a job by helping with resume writing and interview practice.

Charitable Worker

There are few things more rewarding than helping others. Whether it’s providing a hot meal for a family in need or giving someone a place to stay during a difficult time, charitable work brings joy to both the giver and the receiver. For someone looking for a career that is both personally satisfying and makes a difference in the world, charitable work is the perfect choice.

Not only is charitable work incredibly rewarding, but it also offers the opportunity to protect the sacredness of human life. In a world that often devalues life, those who work in charities help to remind us of the inherent dignity of every person. From assisting refugees to providing medical care for the poor, charitable workers show us that every life is valuable and worthy of protection. For anyone looking to make a difference, a career in charitable work is an excellent choice.

Social Worker 

Social work is another great choice of role that gives you the chance to protect those that need it and to improve their lives. This sector covers a variety of roles from Human Services Worker to Community & Social Service Specialist, so you have a range of jobs to train for. Much of your work will be around working with vulnerable people in the community, to look after them and to ensure they have a good life in a secure environment. To get started in social work you will usually need a social work degree. If you do not already hold this, then your first step should be studying a college course to get the qualification. That does not always mean studying full-time or having to move away – many colleges now offer part-time or distance learning courses.

Special Needs Teacher 

If you have a burning desire to help those with special educational needs to fulfill their potential, then this is the career for you. Working in this sector will mean you make a real difference to the lives of the children you teach and help them live a more positive life when they leave education. This role involves planning and teaching lessons specially designed to get the most from the students in your class. Not only is it very rewarding but it also hits the mark in terms of making an impact on other people for the better. 

Healthcare industry

When you work in healthcare you will be dealing with people in need of medical, nursing, and general care. In terms of being a positive force in someone’s life, it doesn’t get better than that! This is naturally a wide-ranging sector, and among the most popular roles are doctor, pharmacist, and registered nurse. The particularly gifted doctors often progress to become surgeons. Any of the caring professions will bring you into direct contact with people whose lives you can influence for the better.


Very often, a negative force in someone’s life can be centered in their mind. If you choose to work as a psychologist, then you can help patients to overcome anxiety, depression and other mental health issues. Life throws up surprises all the time and you will be there to assist people in dealing with whatever has come their way. Psychologists usually work directly with patients in healthcare settings. From counseling to crisis intervention, it is a varied and rewarding career choice.

Be a light for good in the world 

The world can sometimes be a scary and mixed-up place. This makes it even more important for people to follow careers such as the above which try to make it a bit more agreeable for everyone. If you have always wanted to help people improve their lot but could never work out how to do so, the advice above should give you the head start needed to get into a very rewarding career.