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Being more confident during that time of the month


It is that time of the month when you are experiencing the crimson tide and it has been taking its toll on you. From making you feel as if your world has just toppled over, you now realize that your self-confidence has taken a dip as well. You find yourself avoiding all sorts of social interactions so that you can stay tucked up in your blanket all day long and wear the red badge of courage while watching your favorite romantic movies online.

While this does feel like something we all would want to do, expecting to stay this way once a week every month is not very practical, to say the least. So, what are some of the many ways you can regain your lost confidence and carry on with your life, despite the routine setback, normally?

Wear makeup

Makeup is every woman’s best friend and it becomes even more special when you have Aunt Flo visiting. The eyes you would see are normally puffy and swollen during this time. You might even be experiencing pimples and acne breakouts on the skin. Use makeup to cover it all up. In fact, spend extra 5 minutes on your face to feel more special about yourself also for more information you can visit Babe Appeal.

Stay hydrated

The feeling of being bloated all the time can lead to you getting dehydrated. This further affects your mood and causes hormonal imbalance in the body. Staying hydrated and drinking lots of water during this time would not only keep your mood swings in check but would also make your skin look fresher and healthier.

Wear comfortable shoes

While it always helps to take on the world in your favorite stilettoes but during this time you might want to give your legs a break.  Wear shoes that are comfortable and won’t exhaust your legs or strain your back any more. Choosing dresses that might compliment your choice of shoes would be a good idea to complete your look for the day.

Dress appropriately

Wearing colors that are light especially when you would be out in the public for long agonizing hours would make you feel conscious for no reason at all. Select clothes that go in the darker tones so that you are more at ease and can walk around comfortable. In case of an accident, it would be easier for you to cover up the stains as well like. 

Invest in a good underwear

Going on periods without the right underwear is like taking on a war without adequate arsenal in your backpack. It just won’t work and would only bring you more trouble.  Invest in an underwear that will keep you comfortable, won’t cause undue strain on the legs and would be good at absorbing any leakage. From the fabric to the fit, everything needs to be just perfect. Check out the athletic underwear range offered by Knix that is designed just for those days so that you can continue performing your best without losing your self-confidence at all.

Periods are a normal part of every woman’s life but handling them sensibly by investing in the right clothes and accessories is a smart way to go about them.