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Trust Me, Even The Strongest People Out There Get Tired Of Being Strong


You look at that confident, optimistic and cheerful person next to you and you think they probably have everything going for them. You listen to them speak and you think…

“Oh, boy, I wish I was that brave and confident like that person.”

“I wish I had the guts to put all of my insecurities aside and really grab life by the balls.”

You say that to yourself, but you don’t really know what’s going on inside of that person. You have no idea how they feel. You only see the strong, bullet-proof exterior and nothing else. You don’t see the essence of their soul. You cannot perceive the pain they carry inside their hearts. You cannot see the scars they have on them. You cannot sense their fatigue.

Because they haven’t shown that side to you. It’s just the way they are. Life has taught them to stay strong, be brave and take care of themselves.

But, believe it or not, these people are made of blood and flesh just like us. They have a palpitating heart in their chest and blood in their veins. They feel, and they’re hurting.

And sometimes, they get tired of being strong.

Regardless of how tough and self-dependent these human beings are, they still need a break from reality every once in a while.

Even the strongest people get tired of their responsibilities. They get tired of everyone counting on them. They get tired of always being the one who saves the day. They get tired of being everyone’s favorite “shoulder for crying”. They get tired of people expecting them to always be there for them. They get tired of carrying the world on their shoulders. They get tired of being “fine”.

 Even the strongest ones break down. These people have a limit as well. And when they finally feel like they’ve had enough, they give up. Yes, this may seem like a surprise to you, even the strongest people get tired of fighting. They may look like they have it all going for them, but only they know how difficult it is to go through those agonizing nights when everything they’ve kept hidden comes up to the surface. These people are hurting just as we are. These people are wounded just as we are. They are in need of help just as we are.

So, trust me, even the strongest people need love. They may look strong enough to take care of themselves, but it is not like they don’t need someone to pick up their broken pieces when they’re too tired to do it themselves. They may look like they’re their own heroes, but sometimes even they need someone to hold their hand and tell that everything is going to be fine. They are also vulnerable and fragile like the rest of us.

Being strong doesn’t mean they’re heartless. Being confident doesn’t mean that they have it all. Being brave doesn’t mean that they have no fear inside their souls. No matter how bulletproof their exterior looks, on the inside, they’re just like everyone else.

Soft and emotional. Vulnerable and delicate. Fragile and sometimes even hopeless.