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Benefits of Renting IBC Totes


Are you looking for a storage or shipping container solution that ascertains efficiency in operations and arrival of your products in good condition without spending a fortune? Well, consider renting IBC totes. An intermediate bulk container tote rental program has all the benefits that IBCs have to offer without having to spend a huge amount on the purchase.

Renting IBC totes solves problems like:

-Sporadic production fluctuations

-Unexpected product orders

-Limited capital budget

-Unused totes wasting money and space. 

A properly managed intermediate bulk container tote rental program has all the advantages that come with utilizing top-of-the-line IBC containers without the large capital investment needed when buying these totes. In addition, renting IBC totes is fast and easy. More often than not, you receive the containers in just a few days, as opposed to weeks. 

Deciding to rent IBC totes from Verdetrader.com comes with substantial benefits in comparison to purchasing. Here are some of the prevalent benefits: 

Save Money

As mentioned above, buying IBCs requires a substantial investment. With low monthly rates and no down payment, renting these totes allows you to use the rest of the money on other business operations

Instant Results

IBC totes rental programs are easy to set up, allowing you to use them as soon as you need them. There’s no need to wait for capital to become available. 

Get Rid of Non-Working Containers

With a renting solution, you don’t have to worry about the totes sitting there unused, consuming space. Simply rent the number of totes you need and return them when you are done. 

No More Obsolete Products

With a renting program, you’ll never have to worry about your IBCs becoming obsolete. You’ll be certain the tote tanks you rent will have the latest technology and equipment available, as opposed to buying and stressing over the investment becoming obsolete down the line. 

Tax Benefits

The cost of renting IBCs is considered an operating expense. This provides more tax benefits, as opposed to the depreciation expense of buying IBC totes.