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Best Brain Games That Will Help Improve Your Kids Mental Strength


The brain is a very complex organ yet an incredible part of the human body. Research has revealed that brain development is most when the child is aged between 2-5 years. At this tender age, real brain development occurs, which later develops into the entire personality and IQ of the person.

A study suggests that 90% of brain development occurs in early childhood and the kids must be trained for this stage. Brain games and things that help in the development of the brain is most critical. Today, most child psychologists emphasize both parents and schools pay especially attention to a child’s brain development by undertaking activities and games that boost and utilizes the brain.

So, here we have compiled a list of games for toddlers and young kids, that will help boost your kid’s mental health:

  1. Building blocks: A fundamental yet very intriguing game that almost every toddler enjoys is building blocks. It’s been years that blocks have been part of a child’s toys, but most parents don’t understand their importance. It’s not just a toy; the blocks help to improve creativity, imagination, mobility, and recognition of shapes and colour in your child.
  2. Puzzles: Now, problems are a very crucial part of a child’s brain development. It affects the way the brain stimulates and interpret a picture and how it can connect the pieces. Researchers emphasize including puzzles in your child’s daily activity as soon as possible. The problems games trigger essential eye to hand coordination, boost logical thinking and help the child to learn how to link pieces.
  3. Maze: Maze games are amazing, they give the brain the real boost of thinking. The maze game is perfect to give the little brain a boost. These games are excellent in their entirety. The kids get to explore possibilities, setbacks and experiences struggle to reach out. Both paper mazes and puzzles made are perfect for your kid. Also involving your kids to solve maze improves their visual skills, develops excellent motor skills, enhances the ability to solve problems.
  4. Roleplay: A classic game from a generation where your kids play in a group that involves them playing one character or another in society around them. Role play like teacher and student, doctor and patient or police and robber, helps them to understand the culture and how it works. Moreover, it helps in differentiating between good and evil, helping, caring and learning useful things.
  5. Find the object: Introduction get new things or teach your kids about objects, animals, vegetables etc. can be so much fun and easy when you use this game. All you need is objects and matching flashcards. This game can be played anywhere at home or park. Give a fish card to your kids and ask them to find a similar object from the surrounding. With the help of this game, you will help promote cognitive skills, object recognition, pronunciation and develop motor skill in your child.

Well, if you have kids at home or you are a teacher, use these mind games to help better and faster brain development in the child.