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7 Reasons The Best Employees Quit, Even When They Like Their Job


The best employees are not the ones that brag about how irreplaceable or hard-working they are, but the ones that stand out from the crowd and every single person working in that company is aware of the fact that if that person leaves the company, their absence will be felt.

However, if you see it that way there’s absolutely no reason why an employer or a company would want to miss out on that type of employee, but the reality is different.

The best employees are the ones who always thrive for perfection, new challenges, bigger markets and even better working conditions. So, if a good employee wants to leave your company, then you have no one else to blame but yourself.

Sometimes, depending on the circumstances, the best employees have no other option but to leave a certain company or a work place.

Here are the top seven reason why a good employee will leave a company:

  1. Lack of motivation

Normally it happens for every one of us to get bored from our jobs or feel monotonous in one work place. Coming every Monday and doing all the same things that you’ve been doing for the past 10 years.

The best employees don’t settle for mediocre working environments, they are looking for new challenges.

However, if you feel that you’ve been doing the “same old same” job for as far as you can remember, then the motivation for working that job is gone. So, the only option is to look for a working environment where an employer motivates their workers with new challenges.

  1. Financial reason

Let’s not pretend that money don’t rule the world. The bigger the salary, the greater the motivation and the desire to continue working in a particular company.

Sometimes, employers don’t appreciate their best workers to the point when they lose them and realize that they’ve lost so much more than a simple worker.

Giving your best worker a raise or a bonus once in a while, will only trigger a better working environment and a more dynamic atmosphere in your workplace. Who wouldn’t want to put an extra effort, for a really good financial cause?

  1. Money-oriented companies

These types of companies are the ones who are losing great employees constantly. In such companies, a worker doesn’t feel appreciated enough simply because the company is only taking into consideration the money factor or the profit without realizing that most of the profit is being done by the employees themselves.

As a matter of fact, money- oriented companies have discipline problems, lack of respect and underperformance. So, best workers tend to avoid such companies in search of more prosperous and respectable working environment.

  1. Praising is good

Even the ones who are claiming that praising is for children, like to get a little ego boost once in a while. Of course nobody wants to be patted on the shoulder in front of the whole team, but a little bonus or kind words once in a while will deliver the proper message.

In chaotic companies where the work is too dynamic or the company is meeting rigorous deadlines, employers expect just to get the job done and they often lack to emphasize that those deadlines wouldn’t be reached without the effort of the employees.

So, best workers are giving their all, investing 100% in their performance and at the end of the day, nobody acknowledges their hard work or investment in the job they do. Those workers will be the first ones to leave the company as soon as a better offer or opportunity happens.

  1. Stress, stress and more stress

Usually an employer spots the best employees on the very first day. Those are the ones that stand out from the crowd and the ones who are going to get the job done and deliver best results.

Normally employers tend to rely mostly on those people, the ones who are going to finish whatever he/she throws at them and of course, the ones who are going to end up finishing all the responsibilities.

Having too much work or responsibilities at work means a lot to take in and a great stress. The greater the stress, the bigger the possibility that your best employees will leave you as soon as the best moment arrives.

  1. All that talk, no results

Once you get to a company, you immediately get a rush from excitement and you can’t wait to start working on projects and all of those big plans that your employer promised to fulfil.

However, years passed and there is still no sign nor even the slightest chance to see a project being done. In those cases, the best workers realize that they’ve been trapped in an unhealthy working environment where the phrase “DREAM BIG” is just a notion without any particular meaning.

Moreover, you immediately start questioning the reliability or your employer and his ability to provide you with everything he/she had promised once. After a while, the best workers tend to leave that job and search for a place where they can truly fulfil their dreams.

  1. Shady or untrustworthy means of working

The best employees are the ones that get all the trust from every member of the team and of course, the trust from the employer.

However, if this type of relationship is not the other way around, then the best employees tend to leave this toxic environment.

If a company doesn’t deliver on time, is lying to their clients, steps over people to get the job done or it’s simply doing shady businesses with their clients, then the most honest, trustworthy and reliable workers tend to leave that job and search for a better one.

However, we can’t just blame it on the employer and assume that we are irreplaceable, because the truth is that everyone is replaceable. If you have the real values, fulfil your responsibilities properly and meet your employer’s expectations, then why not settling in your current job.