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Best Friends Build A Mini Town Just For Themselves To Grow Old Together


When you are young, you usually spend huge amounts of time with your best friends. You hang out together every day, you share both happy and sad experiences with each other, and you believe that nothing and no one will ever separate you.

But, the truth is that as you and your best friends grow old, you begin having different responsibilities and the time you spend with each other gets reduced. Sometimes you move from one city to another and even forget about your childhood friends.

Well, this is certainly not the case for everyone, as demonstrated by the people in this story that went the extra mile to maintain their friendship. They made a mini town just for themselves so that they can grow old together. Amazing, right?

These four couples have been best friends for 20 years. However, they couldn’t see each other very often, so they decided to pool their money and build their own tiny town near the Llano River just outside Austin, Texas.

The settlement, which they called the ‘Llano Exit Strategy,’ consists of 4 small cabins, facing the river Llano. The cabins were designed by architect Matt Garcia and each of them costs approximately $40,000.

The cabins have insulated windows, reflective walls, and slanted roofs with water barrels which can store up to 5,000 gallons of water.

Each of the four cabins measures roughly 350 square feet. And because they are smartly organized and have plenty of windows, they look quite spacious. 

When it comes to the exteriors of the cabins, they reflect sunlight so that the interiors remain cooler during summertime.

It’s important to note that each cabin is surrounded by amazing natural scenery and no cabin blocks another cabin’s view.

The interiors of the cabins are covered in plywood, which gives them a warm feel.

Additionally, the friends didn’t make a kitchen in each cabin. Instead, they built one spacious communal kitchen.

And last but not least, since these four couples have other friends, they included a tiny guest bedroom.

Indeed, this is a perfect place to grow old with your best friends!

Undoubtedly, what these friends did deserves to be called FRIENDSHIP GOALS.

But, what about you? How can you keep your best friends close to you for good? Following are some tips that can help you achieve that:

1. Always be compassionate towards your friends.

Make sure you’re there for your friends when they need you. Let them know they can always rely on you for your help and support.

2. Say “I’m sorry” when you know you’ve made a mistake and hurt your friends’ feelings.

We all make mistakes, but only the genuine people are not ashamed to admit their mistakes and apologize to the person they did wrong or hurt. If you want your friendships to last forever, you must be willing to apologize and forgive.

3. Always be yourself

Your best friends love you for who you are and not for who you pretend to be. That’s why you always need to show your true self when you’re around them.

Best Friends Build A Mini Town Just For Themselves To Grow Old Together