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Best hospitals in Germany


Treatment in Germany is one of the most sought-after destinations for medical tourists. German clinics offer unique operations, low risk of complications, short hospitalization and effective rehabilitation in adults and children.

The country also leads in the availability of innovative drugs and equipment. Here, results of clinical trials are introduced into practice without any delay. Quality of medical care is regulated at the state level and at least 11% of the country’s GDP is spent on the development of medical services.

Directions of treatment in Germany

University hospitals and specialized private praxes provide medical services to patients with all diseases. The most popular directions of treatment include:

  • Oncology, with radionuclide diagnostics and treatment, radiosurgery, immunotherapy and CAR T-cell therapy.
  • Cardiology, with minimally invasive manipulations on the heart valves and precise stent placement.
  • Neurology, with stereotactic and robotic surgeries, deep brain stimulation, and treatment of chronic conditions, like Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Orthopedics, with state-of-art endoprosthetics, joints’ restoration with stem cells and comprehensive rehabilitation.
  • Ophthalmology, with LASIK, LASEK and PRK corrective surgeries, transplantation of the bionic retina and optic nerve restoration.

Best hospitals

List of the best hospitals to receive treatment in Germany is updated annually according to results of their practical and scientific work. The most popular among medical tourists are:

The Charite University Hospital is consistently ranked among TOP 3 German clinics according to the rating of prestigious FOCUS magazine. It is famous for neurosurgical interventions and cancer treatment.

The University Hospital Cologne includes over 59 departments and specialized centers. Its Cyberknife center and nuclear medicine department are internationally recognized medical facilities.

The University Hospital Bonn is famous for diagnostics and treatment of epilepsy in adults and young patients. The clinic employs over 750 doctors of different specialties.

Cost of treatment

In Germany, cost of medical services is controlled by law. Medical tourists receive treatment on the same conditions as citizens of the country, without additional payments. Price is calculated individually for each case and depends on:

  • Age of a patient
  • Main diagnosis and comorbidities
  • List of diagnostic procedures (e.g., laboratory tests are cheaper than PET-CT scan)
  • Treatment programs (e.g., drug treatment is typically cheaper than surgery)
  • Need in hospitalization
  • Type of the room (single, double, VIP)
  • Level of the clinic and status of the attending physician

Clients booking treatment in Germany with Booking Health

International patients apply for treatment in the best hospitals in Germany with the help of a certified medical tourism operator – Booking Health. Booking Health specialists will assist you in:

  • Choosing the best clinic, considering your diagnosis, preferable treatment method and desired price
  • Booking convenient appointment date
  • Elaboration of a preliminary medical program
  • Controlling all stages of diagnostics or treatment
  • Controlling invoices from a clinic, providing favorable costs and avoiding overprice
  • Communication with a clinic after discharge and receiving your medical reports
  • High-level non-medical services, including accommodation and transfer