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Best Marriage Advice From A Divorced Man, A Must-Read For All Couples


“If we make the conscious decision to daily place our spouse’s desires and needs above our own, and that’s reciprocated, the marriage will succeed. Utter and complete selflessness. Isn’t this true in all healthy relationships?”

When faced with a divorce, some men gain new perspectives and begin to think differently about the things in their marriage that they wish they would have done differently.

When a man loses the woman he loves, he starts to really think about how if he changed certain things and followed the advice from certain experts in this field, it would have improved his marriage and he would be a divorced man.

So, here are the essential things that every couple should read:

1. Never stop courting your wife. Never take her for granted. Never stop dating her. Because, when you asked her to be your wife, you have made a promise to her to always protect her heart because she is your most sacred treasure. So, don’t get lazy and keep in mind that she chose you because she loves and trusts you. Don’t let her down.

2. Always see the best in her. Focus only on the things that you love about your wife. Because, what you focus on – expands. When you focus on things that annoy you, you will start to notice even more annoying things about her. If your focus is on love, however, you will be consumed only with love. Always choose love.

3. Protect your own heart. Even though you committed to protecting your woman’s heart, don’t forget about protecting your own as well. Never stop loving yourself and guarding your heart. Also, be careful with your emotions. Love and respect everyone, but save the special place in your heart and your deepest feelings for your wife only.

4. Fall in love over & over again. Both you and your wife will change. And that’s normal. You are not the same people you were before you got married. Changes will inevitably come, and this means that you must choose each other every day. Only by choosing to love each other fiercely and intensely you can make your marriage a constant that is insusceptible to change.

5. Take full accountability for your actions and emotions. Remember that your wife is not responsible for the way you are feeling. You are the only one who is responsible for your happiness as well as your sadness or angriness. Always look for ways to make yourself happy, because happiness is contagious, and it will soon manifest itself into your marriage.

6. Never blame your wife for your mistakes and dissatisfaction. When you start feeling angry and frustrated at her, keep in mind that she is not responsible for your emotions. These are your emotions. Whenever you start feeling that way, count to 10 and look inside yourself to understand the real reason behind it. Only in yourself, you can find the thing that is screaming to be healed. And then, you can begin the healing process.

7. It’s not your job to change or fix your wife. Your only job is to love her as she is without wanting or expecting her to change. When she is feeling stressed or sad, just hold her and ensure her that everything is going to be okay.

8. Allow her to just be. Her feminine spirit is all about emotion and change. So, understand that her mood is prone to changes and you should just follow her and let her know that you are not going anywhere. That you will always be by her side, supporting her.

9. Nourish her soul. Learn the ways that fill her soul and make her feel loved. Speak her language of love and try to love and cherish her every day.

10. Be present. Give her not only your time but also your undivided attention and focus. Clear your head from whatever it is that takes your mind so that when you are with her, you are really with her.

11. Be silly. And make your wife laugh as well. Life’s too short. Don’t take everything so serious.

12. Satisfy her emotionally as well as sexually. Consume your love. Always be willing to physically show her how much you are attracted to her. Let your masculine energy and strength blend with her soft femininity and the feeling that you both belong together.

13. Give her space. A woman always needs some time for herself. Keep that in mind and respect it. Sometimes all she needs is to be left alone to nurture herself and do whatever feeds her soul.

14. Don’t be an idiot. Both you and your wife will make mistakes. That’s the course of life. But, don’t be someone that can’t move past them.

15. Be fully transparent and vulnerable with her. In order to have a mutual trust in the relationship, you both have to be fully transparent with each other. There shouldn’t be a single thing that is hidden between you. It takes a lot of courage to be vulnerable that much, but it is worth it.

16. Never stop growing together. As Tony Robbins says, “when you are not growing, you are dying.” So, if you want to keep your marriage alive, you should always look to find new hobbies and activities that will keep things fresh between you.

17. Choose to forgive immediately. Stop carrying past weight, focus only on the future that you have together. Always choose forgiveness over holding grudges. Because, remember – forgiveness is freedom. And if you have a choice:

18. Always choose love. In the end it is the only thing that matters. It’s what we stay alive for.

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