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Best Numerology App for Android & I phone | Tarot Life


Are you curious to know about your numerology number? Or are you looking for the best ways to find out about a numerology app? If you are suspicious or interrogative, then you must grab the essence of the importance of numbers in our daily lives.

Numbers may seem like nothing distinctive. They are just a part of mathematics or day to day calculations. This is where the majority of human beings lack in understanding the importance of these numbers.

These numbers have colossal powers of sniffing your future and drawing the blueprint of your whole life. Also, celestial beings use these numbers as a method of sending their signals to you. If you are wondering how it happens then keep reading to know it all.

Many of the apps are implementing prediction methods today to give a sneak peek in the future to the users. Numerology Apps is one such category of these prediction apps.

You might be familiar with future prediction methods that involve your natal birth chart, or the predictions based on your name, Palmistry, Vedic astrology, horoscope, etc. But, did you know that your future can be determined even with the help of these numbers?

Yes, numbers have a significant effect on your life events like your health, relationships, love, career, personality traits, etc. The best thing about dealing with numbers is that these are highly sorted. No complexities, only a fixed set of numbers you have to deal with!

A Numerology App can do it for you easily. But before going directly to the app, let us satisfy the hunger of the ones who doubt about the relevancy of numbers in future prediction.

How are Numbers Used for Predictions? 

Numbers utilize a piece of basic information that involves two entities of your life. One is your name, the other being your date of birth. All of the calculations that numerology implements are through these two parameters used in different combinations.

Some numbers may use only your date of birth, some may use only your name while some may pick data in combination from both your name and your date of birth.

Based on the data of your name and date of birth, certain calculations are done. The calculations are not random instead they exercise a fixed algorithm which is easy to follow. As a conclusion, it is just a matter of belief. The intention and trust matters.

What are the Major Numerology Numbers?

Major numerology numbers are as follows

  1. Life Path Number
  2. Destiny Number or Expression Number
  3. Maturity Number
  4. Personality Number

Numerology readers and numerology apps implement two types of numbers broadly. One is Cardinal Numbers and the other is Master Numbers. All of the numbers that Numerology predicts use these two numbers for future foretelling.

Cardinal Numbers are the ones that range from 1 to 9 while Master Numbers are only 11 and 22. Master Numbers are not further reduced to a single digit while Cardinal Numbers are extracted by reducing the numbers to a single digit.

How to Calculate the Life Path Number?

This number uses just your date of birth. It is the easiest one to be calculated. Just add all the digits of your birth date and reduce the final digit to a single number except for the Master Numbers.

Significance of the Life Path Number – It tells about major opportunities, achievements, and challenges faced by an individual in his/her life. If you are struggling with achieving happiness and fulfillment then this is the number you should seek for.

How to Calculate the Destiny Number?

Every alphabet corresponds to a numerical value, and calculation of this number is done with the help of numerical value of your name. You can refer to the data provided below for the same.

Root number 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Alpha bets A, J, S B, K,T C, L,U D, M, V E, N,W F, O, X G, P, Y H, Q, Z I, R

Significance of the Destiny Number– This number is the one that unveils your hidden talents. It might make you aware of the talents you inherited but were unknown of the same.

How to Calculate the Maturity Number?

It is the addition of Life Path Number and Destiny Number! Just sum up the two and you will get your Maturity Number.

Significance of the Maturity Number– Just as its name suggests, it is the one that indicates about your maturity. It is basically the age at which your thoughts of early age starts manifesting. This is the time when your deliberations visibly shape up.

How to Calculate the Personality Number?

Now that you have used the vowels of your name in the calculation, this number uses only the consonants in your name.

Significance of the Personality Number- this number reveals the personality of an individual. It mirrors how others think of you when they meet you for the first time and vice versa.

NOTE- In all of the calculations above, do not reduce ster Numbers to a

single digit value.

Why Numerology App?

We have embraced digitization like anything. Even the food that we eat comes with food delivery apps. So why not handle these complex calculations through a Numerology App?

The computerization has reduced the probability of occurrence of errors and manual work. Everything around us is fast-paced including our routine. Practically, who would want to sit with a pen and paper to do all the calculations? We guess no one.

A numerology app is capable of doing all such calculations very quickly. You can expect personalization from these numerical apps. There is no limitation on the number of times you want to know about your compelling  numbers. Plus it is available right on your fingertips.

Which is the Best Numerology App for iPhone and Android?

There are umpteen apps on both the Google Play Store and the App Store. But not all of these apps are trustworthy and reliable. The vulnerability attached to these digital entities is out of the perimeter of general users.

With the intent to offer the best to all, we have placed under our scanner the numerology app for iPhone and Android that has been exceptional interms of its accuracy and precision.

This fantastic app is ‘Tarot Life’. It does all of the numerical computations effortlessly and in a jiffy! So even if you are in a hurry and want to know about your lucky number, you can get it in just a few seconds.

It is interesting and a fun element sometimes to know about your characteristics. You can even cross check your personality traits within yourself, and definitely, you will be amazed to know how this app knows  this much about your personality. Give this app a shot and see it with your own eyes!

This numerology app calculates your vital numbers by utilizing the information about your date of birth and your name. Since apps now tend to offer multiple attractive features to the users, you can also get equipped with another interesting method of foretelling which this app has.

Tarot prediction is what the app offers along with numerical predictions. So if you want to know about your forthcoming day you can try Daily Tarot. If specifically, you want to know about your Love, Career, and Finance, you can go for these respective readings in the Tarot section.

This ‘numerology and tarot app- Tarot Life’ has especially been developed to cater to the needs of people who find it difficult to share their problems with others. And for the ones who are very much occupied in this modern cobweb of a hectic routine.

There also exists an option of chat support and you can ask your question to an expert clairvoyant. The expert will get to you as soon as possible with the best answer choices for your question.

Now that you know everything about this language of numbers, you can efficiently mould your future with this numerology app for your iPhone and Android. So what are you waiting for? The only thing standing between you and your great future is YOU!! Yes, download the app NOW!