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Best Tips for Quick Essay Writing


How much time do you need to prepare an essay? Writing an essay is a tricky job. It’s more challenging when you need to finish it in a short span of time. Let’s say the teacher asks you to write a reflection paper about a life’s story or a movie. Or your professor asks you to write about a famous person, a historical event, or some current news. Sometimes, you will see yourself in a blank state trying to figure out what to write in your paper.

It really takes time to develop our skills in writing and usually, enhancing this skill requires practice. However, this article encourages you to write without arduous practice and anyone may write an essay in just a quick snap.

1. Read the Topic Carefully

Before anything else, read the topic first. Assess yourself if you know something about the topic. Ask your professors or teachers to clarify any confusion about the topic or about the instructions.

Learn to follow the instructions properly and always keep them in mind or take some notes. If you would like to suggest something, ask your teacher or professor if they will agree with your suggestions.

Start the brainstorming process and plan on how you will work on the essay. Make sure to list down the applications, sites, or software that you can use to help you with the writing material.

2. Check Your Schedules and Deadlines

Take Home & Competition-type

Have enough time to do the research part, inquiry, drafting process, and the completion phase. You must check your schedule so that you can plan your time for the essay.

As a student, time management is really an important strategy to divide our school tasks in an organized way. Keeping track of your time may also help you to become effective when it comes to your school tasks. You may consider these following suggestions:

  • 1 hour for the research and brainstorm
  • 1 hour for crowdsourcing (inquiries, surveys, ask from social media, poll votes) – optional
  • 1 hour to 2 hours drafting process
  • 30 minutes proofreading

In this way, you have a guide on how to allocate time for research and essay writing.

Quiz and Surprise-Types

Some teachers love surprises when it comes to quizzes. They usually do this to check whether the student was prepared and has studied in advance.

What will you do if this happens? The best advice is to always be ready when you go to school. Make sure to read the lessons so that you can gain enough ideas to help you answer properly. If you are unable to study, you must think fast, use your instinct, and stock knowledge to answer the question or to give your opinion about the topic.

3. Look for References

Writing an essay, it would be best to refer to at least two or three sources. Make sure to note the book citations or website’s URL so that if the professor or teacher asks you about the reference, you can show some proofs.

Afterward, read all the references that you have bookmarked. Observe how the writer uses words and styles to convince the readers to agree with the content. Notice how the writer makes use of the parts of speech and creative inputs in his writing. In that way, you can adopt a style and come up with meaningful ideas to express your thoughts.

4. Draft Your Outline

Some students might be asking themselves – How will I do my paper in a quick way?

What’s the solution? Well, just learn how to draft an outline.  

An outline serves as the skeletal framework of your essay. It guides the writer in delivering his or her thoughts from the introduction to the body, and finally, formulating a conclusion.

This is also the stage where you’ll need to think of a creative title, heading, and subheadings. A title is important because it helps the writer to concentrate his or her thoughts on a specific topic. Usually, topics are broad and general. To make a specific topic, you’ll need to make your title specific.

For example, the topic is about dogs. You may list down several ideas and concepts about dogs. But as you can see, it is very general and it may be complicated for you to write something about dogs. However, you can create a title such as Why is Hachiko such a popular dog in Japan? or What is the differences between Pekingese and Shih Tzu dog breeds?

Writing a specific title will help you to compose an essay properly and it trims down the concepts and thoughts about the topic. It also gives your composition a sense of direction.

5. Focus on the Key Points

Learn on how to concentrate on the topic and title. Do not exaggerate the contents and use your references as your resources in writing your essay. Make sure to summarize the key points from the research that you did in step 3.

For the best tip, use positive and convincing words to express your thoughts and emotions. Just be natural and write in accordance with your experiences and research.

Be objective if the content is about a serious and non-fiction-based topic. On the other hand, be subjective if the content pertains to personal and fiction-based topics. Usually, the essay is subjective when the professor asks you to write a reflection paper or reaction paper.

Familiarize yourself with the parts and figures of speech to make your writing creative and interactive. Do not use too many difficult words unless it is necessary. Use simple and easy to understand words in your writing. 

6. Proofread and Revise

As the last step, always proofread your work. If you find some words or phrases confusing, either remove or change them. Use the best tools and applications to support your writing such as Grammarly checker, plagiarism checker, or readability tests.

Make sure to put yourself as a reader and assess whether you can able to understand the content. If everything looks perfect, well congratulations on your essay! You did a great job! Well done!