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6 Of The Best Vegetarian Keto Diet Food You Can Choose From


One of the drawbacks of the keto diet is that it restricts your daily carbs intake. What this means is that you will have to do away with foods that contain an insane amount of sugar and sweeteners. This can be quite challenging if you happen to have a sweet tooth.

Before I started out on the vegetarian keto diet, I use to consume a lot of carbs and drank alcohol also. This made it difficult for me to make the switch to keto lifestyle when I decided to eat more healthily until I worked discovered some sumptuous vegetarian keto diet food that is satisfying and help keep the body in ketosis. Below are 6 of the best vegetarian keto meal you can prepare at home.

  • Seafood

In addition to being rich in vitamins B, selenium, and potassium, seafood such as fish, and shellfish are safe for consumption while on a keto diet. While fishes such as salmon, sardines, and mackerel contain low to zero amount of carbohydrate and are high in omega-3 fat, the carb content in most shellfish is quite high.

The omega-3 fat in most fishes is beneficial in reducing the insulin levels and improving insulin sensitivity in obese and overweight people. Also, the frequent consumption of fish is helpful in reducing the risk of disease and improving mental health.


  • Cheese

In addition to being delicious, cheese also provides the body with enough nutrient that helps it remain in ketosis. While there are different types of cheese, every single one of them happens to be safe for consumption while on a keto diet. This is because they contain a high amount of fat and a low amount of carbohydrate.

While it is true that cheese is high in saturated fat, it poses no serious risk to the heart as some studies suggest that it might be helpful in protecting the heart against disease. The conjugated linoleic acid found in cheese is useful in improving body composition and fat loss.


  • Low Carb Vegetables and fruits

Vegetables that don’t contain starch are low in carbs and calories but provide a high amount of vitamin C and other minerals and nutrients. The fibre content in vegetables makes it harder for the body to digest it, unlike carbs which are easily understood. This makes it easier for you to remain full even after a few hours of consuming a serving of vegetables.

The advantages of vegetable consumption are numerous to the body including that they contain free radicals which can lead to cell damage. Also, vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower, and kale help in reducing the risk of cancer and heart-related diseases.

Fruits that provide the body with the right amount of fat and are low in carbohydrate are safe for consumption on a vegetarian keto diet. They include avocado, lemons, blackberries, strawberries, limes, tomatoes and green olives. Fruits are beneficial to the body as it provides it with nutrients that helps in bone health and body performance.  


  • Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is safe for consumption on a keto diet. It contains middle chain triglycerides (MCTs) which are broken down by the liver and converted to ketones to be used as energy by the brain and body.

It is beneficial in increasing the ketone levels in Alzheimer’s patients and people suffering from brain or nervous disorder. Coconut oil has also been known to reduce belly fat and weight in obese people. Remember to keep daily coconut intake to 2 tablespoons daily to make room for other foods that contain fat.

  1. Nuts and Seed

I find nuts and seeds to be satisfying when on a ketogenic diet. One of the signs and symptoms of ketosis is the loss of food craving and the fibre content in nuts and seeds help you to feel full. If you are starting out on a keto diet, then you most certainly want to eat more nut and seed to get your body in a keto state quickly. Since they contain a high amount of fat and a low amount of carbohydrates, they are beneficial in reducing the risk of certain cancers and heart disease while also reducing depression and other chronic ailments.

Some examples of seeds you can consume include almonds, macadamia nuts, pecans, cashew, Brazil nuts, walnuts, pumpkin seed, flax seed, sesame seed, chia seed, and pistachios.

  1. Eggs

One large egg is packed with high protein content and is low in carbohydrate making it safe for consumption on a ketogenic diet. Eggs also give you the feeling of being full which helps to reduce your food consumption helping you to lose weight and stay in shape. They are also beneficial in maintaining the blood sugar level.

Even though egg yolk is high in cholesterol, eating it doesn’t increase the blood cholesterol level and as such isn’t harmful to the heart.

In Conclusion

While other foods can be included in your keto meal plan, I find the ones listed above to be some of the best when it comes to satisfaction. Remember that you want to consume foods that are high in fat and low in carbohydrate if you wish to remain in ketosis.

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