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From The Best To The Worst Girlfriends According To Their Zodiac


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  1. Sagittarius

Even if Sags may be their own enemies, they will never let their partner down the way they let themselves down. Their selflessness and their ability to lift people up will be best shown when they are with their partner.

A Sagittarius will always try to lift their significant other up and to help them to see their full potential. Their trust may be their greatest power, and once you have gained it, you have gained their loyalty forever.

If a Sag loves you, she will love you with her whole heart and she won’t hold back. They are very considerate and they can get caught up in overthinking about how their actions affect those around them.

However, their self-neglect might lead to problems in the relationship. Breaking through their guarded walls and caring for them where they don’t manage to will win you a piece of their heart forever.

  1. Pisces

At first, they will push you away, as they are very shy – but if you find this intriguing and feel encouraged to try and win them, you’re in for a beautiful relationship. It’s no wonder that the best things are best guarded.

A Pisces is a person you can put your trust in the most and as a girlfriend, she will always have your back and be on your side. Their ability to read people by picking up their body language allows them to understand beyond words.

They have the ability to notice when something is off by picking up on your vibes. So, no matter what you are trying to portray, the will get the job of fixing whatever’s bothering you. Their sensitivity makes them come as soft and gentle, and they will never mean to hurt you.

When they mess something up, they won’t hesitate to apologize and will do everything to try and make it right. They don’t believe in fighting, so you will more likely see a Pisces that tries to solve the problem than one who plunges into pointless arguments.

  1. Capricorn

Capricorns like to dominate in their relationship, but their perfectionist side is what makes them do everything the best way they can. Their loyalty with their partners will lead them to always defend them and have their back against anyone and everyone if they must.

Seeing strength as the most important quality in a person, a Capricorn will always seem like everything is alright and that they are handling things with no problem. However, you will sometimes be that person they will need to rely on.

Their nature doesn’t allow them to fall for just anyone. In fact, they guard their hearts fiercely, so if you win over a Capricorn’s heart, consider yourself as a one in a million.

  1. Libra

These girls are the kindest in the zodiac. Their peaceful nature will not allow them to engage in conflicts, and you will only see them arguing when they truly care about something.

In the relationship, they are the giver and they will give and give until there’s nothing left. Their habit of putting their loved ones first in everything, and you won’t hear them asking for things they would want.

They are among the most popular signs in the zodiac, and they love being social. They will always include their partner in their social gatherings, but it’s up to the partner to measure up to the spotlight they are in and not feel less because of it.

Libras hate jealousy, and they like to be kept on a long leash. They want a partner who can trust them and allow them to be themselves with their charismatic nature and vivid personality.

  1. Gemini

The Gemini girlfriend will always accept her partner for who they are. They are very loyal and the value the trust in one another. They come with a high respect for their partner and their thoughts and feelings.

While they will always try to look cheerful, fun, and outgoing, they have another, dark and negative side to them that they try to push beneath. This other side is not something they like about themselves, but if you are their partner, it’s best that you accept and love them for both sides, even if they fail to do so.

Geminis are full of understanding, but you don’t want to cross them, as they will cut you off instantly and will not have second thoughts about it. They don’t believe in second chances, as once they see someone’s true nature and don’t like it, they don’t see why they should go back to it.

They love with all their heart and they feel pain even deeper. However, they will do everything to hide those moments of pain.

  1. Aquarius

Aquarius is definitely one of the weirdest signs in the zodiac. But weird doesn’t necessarily mean bad. These girls’ need for independence makes them shy away from commitment in most cases, but if they muster the courage to be with you, you will have their limitless loyalty forever.

While they look at their flaws as something to hate, your flaws are what they find as something to be respected and understood. They will love you with every fiber of their being, but they have a very difficult time projecting love unto themselves.

Maybe the toughest challenge in a relationship with an Aquarius is teaching them to love themselves. You will notice their insecurities from day one, but if you manage to persist through this process they need to go through to love themselves, it can all grow to a beautiful relationship.

Their overthinking makes them create scenarios that can be even preposterous. You will have to hear them out and be patient with them.

  1. Leo

Leos are the hopeless romantics in every relationship. They build high expectations for their relationship, sometimes even unrealistic ones. And they tend to move toward fulfilling these expectations by doing everything in their power for the relationship.

However, their biggest frustration is when their partner doesn’t meet them halfway. They will give everything they have to their partner, but if that doesn’t inspire the partner to try and give at least half back, then they get hurt.

They always tend to choose the wrong people for a relationship, and no matter how much they may feel hurt from someone, they never change. You won’t see a Leo asking for a friend’s advice, as they are already working on the solution.

It isn’t that they Leos make bad girlfriends, but their choice of the wrong people for commitment is a great obstacle for them.

  1. Cancer

Cancers have a heart made of gold, and they wear it on their sleeve. And this usually gets them hurt. This is why they don’t find it easy to put their full trust in anyone but themselves, and this makes their relationships difficult.

If they didn’t have the habit of pushing people away, they would make it among the top signs for a girlfriend. The truth is, they want to be in love as much as they are afraid of it, and this fear often gets in the way of what could grow into a beautiful relationship.

They have a big trouble in making decisions, and they always make second guesses. They care a lot, even when they pretend not to. And if they come across as harsh, it’s because they are afraid to give away their trust completely.

  1. Taurus

Out of any sign, these women are the toughest to get a commitment out of. They don’t want to take part in relationships. It’s not that they try to lead people on, or string them along. They lead a life of their own and they are very satisfied with it.

They like doing things at their own pace, and they don’t like being pressured. If they do feel any pressure, they will most likely run away. Their cold nature doesn’t allow them to think of second chances and unrealistic fantasies.

Being the ones that make the rules, they will not play games and run in circles. Their fierce independence makes them very hard to win, so if you manage to, consider yourself a rare breed.

  1. Aries

Aries girlfriends can come as intimidating for those they date. Their strong personality and competitive nature will lead them to try to control everything around them. However, this strength, as much as it can be a turn-on, can also be a real turn-off if it’s too much.

The Aries will always want to dominate in the relationship, and their taste is usually directed toward someone who will be ready to be submissive. Their tough exterior and bad temper, however, hide a sensitive heart beneath.

These girls can seem very cold and they come with an acid tongue. You will not only lose in an argument with an Aries, but they are very likely to say something that can really hurt.

  1. Virgo

Virgos are the biggest critics of all signs. Their self-criticism makes them think that they are never good enough for whoever they are with. And their criticism toward their partner can be a real turn-off for many.

Their painful insecurity and jealousy lead many of their relationships to their end. If they fail at something, you will see them falling apart and beating themselves up over it. And this is very hard to watch for someone who loves them.

Their negativity and pessimism will never allow them to see themselves through the eyes of their partner. And besides being very self-critical, they can also lash out at their partner and pick them apart.

And even though they show these weaknesses only to the person they love and feel secure with, it’s hard for many partners to recognize this as love and this makes it very hard to be with them.

  1. Scorpio

Scorpio women are the scariest of all zodiacs. For many, they are the devil in the flesh when it comes to relationships. They like to run the relationship and control everything about it and they are relentless and won’t hold back on this.

They aren’t mean, but their honesty may come out as very blunt and you will need to have a very thick skin for the things they are ready to tell you. They have high relationship standards, and their partners may feel like they are walking on eggshells sometimes.

Scorpios are often dubbed the storm of all zodiac signs, and there is literally no way to predict them. It’s best to be on their side because if you get in their way they will be ready to destroy you completely.

If you dare to cross them, they become ruthless, and they will have their payment. They are the hardest to fall in love out of all signs, but if you win their heart, you will have their loyalty and love forever.

Source: Thought Catalog