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Blind Mystic Baba Vanga Made a Chilling Prediction About Syria Conflict, Nuclear Warfare And WW3


Baba Vanga (English: Granny Vanga) was a blind mystic who lived and made her prophecies in Bulgaria during the period of the two World Wars. The eerie truth about Baba Vanga was that all her predictions were very much accurate and people flocked to her house in Petrich, Bulgaria, to have their faith told by her.

Her way of making predictions looked simple: she would take a sugar cube over which the other person slept overnight and she would tell everything the person needed to know. However, the major predictions came to her in trances that looked frightening.

The simple visions she claimed to have come with the help of the ‘small’ forces, such as deceased relatives, while the major ones were given to her by the ‘major’ forces. She didn’t prefer the major predictions as they were exhausting and terrifying to experience.

Her popularity was so big, that even the Bulgarian tsar Boris III and later the communist government of Todor Zhivkov collaborated with her in solving cases of missing people.

The Bulgarian president and his daughter (who was Vanga’s close friend) weren’t the only ones that consulted her prophecies.

Vanga also gave her predictions to Adolf Hitler, which the he did not fancy, and sayings go that she predicted his demise and showed him the gun with which he would later shoot himself.

She predicted the fall of the Berlin Wall and end of the Cold War, the end of the USSR, and Russian president Boris Yeltsin’s death and she claimed to know who the assassinator of John F. Kennedy was, but never revealed the name.

Regarding the present day, Vanga predicted the attack on the World Trade Center 9/11 2001 when she claimed that ‘steel birds’ would ‘attack the American brethren’.

She also predicted that the 44th president would be African American, who would also be the last full-term president of the USA.

In her predictions, Baba Vanga tells an eerie story of World War 3

Many prophets have told their prophecies of a third World War, but what is frightening about Baba Vanga’s predictions is that most of her prophecies about the events that precede World War 3 seem to come to pass quite accurately.

Even though the dates she mentions are not quite accurate, the events that unfold seem to fall into place just the way she predicted.

Her predictions start with the Arab Spring 2010 and the fall of Syria, from where everything else would start moving towards World War 3.

In fact, Vanga claimed that WW3 would begin with the fall of Syria. She said that the great Muslim war would begin in Syria and would soon engulf Europe.

She said that Europe would receive a great influx of Muslim refugees and that during the World War, Europe would see massive devastation and would become uninhabitable.

The first to fall is Damascus, where there would be so much devastation that it would be utterly changed in appearance.

She also predicted a similar fate for Paris, which would be left in total destruction. In fact, she predicted Europe’s demise with people dying off of a skin disease, presumably caused by chemical weapons.

She noted that World War 3 would begin and end very fast and that the destruction of the nuclear weapons would be so great that no water will be drinkable.

To the whole story of the end of days, Vanga added that the 8th president of Russia named Vladimir would restore the former might of Russia and bring peace to the world after the War.

Vanga is not the only one to have predicted that World War 3 is imminent. Mystic Horacio Villegas even points to an exact date of its start, and it’s just days away.

While a third World War has not emerged yet, many of Baba Vanga’s predictions fall into place and the events unfold in the order she mentions. Let’s just hope that this prediction won’t come true as the rest of her predictions did.

For more of Baba Vanga’s predictions, here’s an interesting YouTube video by FactsVerse.

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