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Botox for Beauty – All You Need to Know


Botox is becoming a popular phenomenon especially in this age of celebrities and popular magazines. Despite the fact that Botox is a popular trend amongst women in the modern world, there are still multiple misconceptions associated with this treatment and how it might be used.

The history of Botox injections dates back to many years in the past. In the United States, Botox cosmetic treatment was officially approved by the FDA in 2002. The primary use of Botox injections was for medical purposes such as controlling uncontrolled muscle spasms. Over the course of many years, more research was done on Botox injections to discover more uses for this procedure.

What is Botox?

Botox, or Botulinum Toxin, is a substance that has been around for over a century and has been widely used for its medicinal uses. Initial uses of Botox were treatments for conditions such as a lazy eye, inability to control eyelids or a wry neck.

Today, patients should realize that Botox was not discovered to prevent them from being themselves, but only to put them at ease by removing unwanted facial grimaces and frowns from their lives. When the procedure of Botox has performed accurately, other individuals will not be able to notice that a procedure has been done but will only report that the patient has started to appear more relaxed and happier. (1)

About the Botox Procedure

According to NewSkin Laser, a Northridge botox centre, when a patient comes in for their Botox treatment, they are instructed to lay down on the exam table and relax their muscles as much as they can. The areas that are to be injected are then cleaned with a nonalcoholic wipe and an anaesthetic in the form of a cream is applied to ease any painful sensation that might be felt.

The Botox injection is then inserted in four to five areas on both sides of the forehead and two to three areas around the eye. Highly skilled professionals are more careful in where they inject the Botox and are able to eradicate the appearance of wrinkles more effectively. Although bleeding is common, pressure and ice may be applied by the doctor if the injected area begins to bleed during the Botox procedure.

After Getting Botox Injections

Once the procedure is completed, patients are instructed to lay upright for the first five minutes and then to avoid this position for the next four hours. Measures are taken to ensure that there are no signs of bruising or pain felt by the patient. If there are any complaints made by the patient, some doctors may advise them to take aspirin or ibuprofen for pain or inflammation relief.

Life After Botox

Results may not be evident immediately after receiving Botox injections but will begin to appear three to five days after treatment. In most cases, photographs are taken on a regular basis to track the results of the procedure and compare the facial wrinkles before and after the treatment. Patients must know that getting Botox injections do not literally remove wrinkles or facial lines but relax them enough to remove their apparent appearance.