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Boyfriends Ranked Best To Worst Based On Their Zodiac

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Undeniably, no two men are the same, and it’s pointless comparing one to another since they all behave in different ways and possess distinct personality traits that make them unique.  However, another thing that no one can deny is that a person’s zodiac sign plays a role in shaping their behavior.

Each astrological sign comes with different behaviors and character traits. For instance, some, such as Libra, are non-confrontational, and others, like Pisces, are highly sensitive.

So, if there’s a guy you like or if you’re already in a relationship with one, knowing his zodiac sign can help you discover many things about his personality, values, communication style, flaws, and approach towards romantic relationships, including what kind of partner he is and how compatible you are with him.

In addition, by understanding how your zodiac sign and your partner’s affect your relationship, both of you will be more able to strengthen your bond, which will help make your relationship healthier, happier, and more meaningful. So, if you’re wondering who the best boyfriend is according to his zodiac sign, continue reading since, in what follows, we’ve presented a list of boyfriends ranked best to worst based on their zodiac.



Despite their bad reputation, these guys are very deep and can be rather complicated, but they possess powerful charisma and charm. Winning a Scorpio guy’s heart is not an easy task, but if you can do it, then you will receive their limitless love, dedication, and devotion to the fullest.

Scorpio men are brutally honest, but they will always try to make you happy. Being the most loyal sign in the zodiac, these guys make the best boyfriends. And although they are covered in a lot of complicated layers, underneath they hide a heart of gold.

If you are dating one, you might already know all this, but you need to understand that Scorpio men need their space. A perfect match for them would be someone who understands and values that.

2. Gemini

Guys in this sign fall in love quickly and they can confidently say that they see a future with the person they are with. If you are looking for a true gentleman, Gemini guys are the definition of it. Each and every one of their actions is considerate, polite, and respectful.

Geminis are good listeners, and they know how to see the situation from the viewpoint of the other person. Their ability to fully understand their partner is what helps them be supportive and motivating.

They will do their best to never let you down or disappoint you, and they will do everything they know to help you achieve more and do better than you’ve thought you could.

3. Libra

Being the most peaceful sign in the zodiac, a Libra man will do everything to avoid a fight. They are aware that harsh words will not solve anything, and thus they pick their battles wisely. If they fight, they fight for something they truly care about, and they will usually win, as their intentions are pure and sincere.

Being with a Libra man, you will find that they are very interesting, funny, and entertaining. What is more, they will always treat their significant other better than most. Their focus is not on what you can do for them, but on what they can do for you.

This is why they give everything they possibly can. If they possess the will, they will always find a way and they will always be there for you if you need them.

And don’t get intimidated by their popularity and their being at the center of every party. What makes them the happiest is having someone like you standing beside them.

4. Aries

Aries men are dominant and don’t be surprised if they like to lead the charge in the relationship. Their competitive nature compels them to be beside a partner who can challenge them, so they will never end up with a weak person.

This is why they will make you work for their attention and time. If you succeed to break through their cocky and arrogant exterior, you will get into their real nature, which many will never see.

Once you have their heart, they will quickly drop the act and fold to everything you say.

5. Cancer

These men have a heart of gold and they wear it on their sleeve. Their nature of following their heart instead of their head usually leads them to the wrong partners. However, once they find the one, they will shower them with their limitless love and treat them better than anyone in their life.

Cancer men are good at spoiling their partners with gifts and affection and a relationship with them will definitely change your standards.

6. Leo

Leos are hopeless romantics. While they may seem tough and arrogant to many, their true nature holds a belief in love like no other sign in the zodiac. They will do everything in the name of love, and they will make it count.

Their dramatic and megalomaniac nature will lead them to make everything look like in a movie, and they will do everything they can think of to make their partner feel special and loved. They aren’t afraid of giving more than they get, because their partner’s happiness makes up their own.

They see the greatest value in a person who can support and love them and being one of the most loyal signs in the zodiac, you know that you can always trust them.

7. Aquarius

These guys are known to be the strangest and the funniest of all signs. They can drift away in a world of their own and they beat entirely to their own drum. This, however, doesn’t help them tune in with others, and being as they are, they don’t qualify for the best boyfriend.

However, their relentless efforts to be good partners help them not to be the worst boyfriends either. These guys don’t easily pick up on signals and lack the confidence to make the first move, so you might find yourself making every first move.

When with an Aquarius, you will have a person who will do anything you tell them to, but you’ll also be always in charge of making the decisions in the relationship.

8. Sagittarius

Sagittarius guys are their own worst enemy when it comes to relationships. Their overthinking often leads them to make decisions a little too late. In social settings, if they see someone they like, they will get stuck between thought and action to the point of giving up.

Once they get in a relationship, they can prove to be loyal and good, but they will get their way when it comes to everything.

9. Capricorn

Capricorns are full of high expectations and can be very demanding when it comes to the person they are with. They will add pressure on their partner whether that’s their personal life or career.

They like to dominate and lead the charge in making decisions and controlling situations. This is why they prefer their partner to be passive, submissive, and willing to be bossed around.

Despite their best intentions, their arrogance often creates trouble in their life.

10. Virgo

If a Virgo opens up to you, it means that they feel safe enough around you to show you their genuine emotions.However, being the most jealous sign in the zodiac with the worst temper, if they get mad, they can’t control their reactions.

In a quarrel (which they are very good at starting), they will bring up anything from day 1 onwards to take you down. They will always come back around and they will eventually apologize, but their acid tongues make many want to run away.

Despite everything, they love with all their hearts. It’s just difficult for them to show their feelings in the right way.

11. Taurus

These men are very tough to get a commitment out of. Their primary focus is their family and career, and relationships have never been a priority for them. This makes many who get into a relationship with a Taurus man feel uncertain of where they stand with him.

Even if you put the label ‘boyfriend’ on him, a Taurus guy will just treat it as a label until he’s sure he can spend his life with you. You won’t see a Taurus dating for fun.

Their primary concerns are if the person they are with has the potential to be their mate for life and if they share the same values and goals. They are looking for a person who can give them their full support.

This heavy focus on themselves makes many of their partners grow frustrated because they don’t feel like they are being met halfway.

12. Pisces

Pisces is the most sensitive of all signs. They live in their own world full of fantasies, deep feelings, and never-ending thinking. Their insecurities usually lead them to the wrong partners.

Their view of the world through the prism of deep emotions is something not everyone is ready to cope with, as not many can relate to their sensitivity. This is why they may feel a bit too much for most people.

They guard their good hearts with all their might, and their frequent choice of wrong partners brings out the worst qualities in them – jealousy and insecurity.