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Bride’s Father Stops Wedding So That Stepfather Can Walk Her Down The Aisle As Well


Parents are willing to do whatever it takes for the happiness and well-being of their children and what the father in this heart touching father-daughter story did is something that none of them will ever forget.

When Todd Bachman, the biological father of Brittany Peck, a woman from Ohio, was walking her down the aisle on her wedding day, he did something that none of the guests, let alone his daughter, expected. He stopped the wedding procession, rushed to Todd Cendrosky, Brittany’s stepdad, and invited him to walk their daughter together down the aisle.

This selfless gesture was Todd Bachman’s way of showing how much he and his daughter appreciated Cendrosky and how grateful he was to him for raising and taking care of Brittany.

Undoubtedly, this was the happiest as well as the most emotional moment of their lives. Cendrosky said: “I had no clue, and he reached out his hand and said: ‘Hey, you had as much a part in raising her as I did. Let’s go walk our daughter down the aisle. And that’s when I lost it.”

That this was really an amazing and heart-touching moment can also be seen in Candace Cendrosky’s statement, Brittany’s mom. She said:

“That was an awesome moment, it was magical, it was an outstanding thing to do. He made my husband’s world, he really did. And that makes me feel great. Deep down I really do believe he did this for Brittany.”

A truly magical and unforgettable moment in the life of this family, don’t you agree?