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Browser-based Online Casino or Gambling App: Which Is Better?


Mobile casino games have become more popular over the past few years. Almost all smartphones and tablets are capable of handling HD graphics and virtual reality, so gamers can enjoy high-quality graphics and features.

Given the popularity of these mobile devices, it shouldn’t be too surprising to learn that more than 60% of online gamers use their phones or tablets. Also, the majority of online casino canada now support play directly through the mobile web browser of your smartphone. While this is a nice feature, some casino operators have gone the extra mile by creating apps that provide access to their games, along with other exclusive features.

So, let’s see what are the differences between playing on a browser and via an app.

It’s All About Function

When deciding between a casino app and a mobile browser, functionality is probably the most important aspect. Mobile apps will always provide a better user experience than a browser. In this way, the game and accessory integration can be tailored to your device. Additionally, it will be able to utilize the full capabilities of the device you downloaded it to. Some apps are even able to be run offline once downloaded, which means you won’t always need to be online.

In contrast, if you play through a mobile browser, the games might not be optimized for your phone nor customized to the size of your screen and OS. You can play at mobile casino sites without having to download or update anything. You log in whenever you want to play and you can start playing immediately. To play without interruption, you’ll need a good internet connection.

How Easy Is It to Play?

The best way to know whether you’ll enjoy playing casino games online with a mobile app or a browser is to know the differences between both. Apps are made for people who regularly gamble at the same online casinos. A player can get direct access to their favorite games by just touching the icon and signing in. However, despite the convenience of using an app, only about one-fifth of gamblers do so. When you feel like playing you can also access mobile casino sites using your mobile browser.

Casino Bonuses and Promotions

Furthermore, the bonus offers made available by mobile casino apps might be an additional reason to download them. You can expect to see a wide range of bonuses at each casino, including free spins, loyalty points, and cashback deals. Most in-app bonuses require a cash deposit. A player receives free bonus credit when they deposit to their account based on a percentage of their deposit.

The majority of online casinos give out incentives to new players, but there is usually a difference between the two bonuses. Also, some operators will motivate the app users to download it by offering better welcome promotions.

Comparing Android and iOS

Many gamblers make their choice between a casino app and a mobile site based on their device. The number of Android apps is generally higher than that of iOS apps, but both operating systems are subject to restrictions. The developing guidelines no longer allow developers to use just HTML5, but also native iOS code. The developers of mobile casino games would have to produce an iOS app that is unique, prolonging and costing more during the development process.

Furthermore, these apps should be licensed in the country where they will be downloaded and played. Also, Google Play prohibits gambling apps unless all mobile applications follow their unique guidelines. Choose the option that works well on your device and that you enjoy most.

Is Your Device Compatible?

Flash is usually problematic with today’s mobile operating systems, so most old-style online casino games were built using Flash. Due to this, many online casino platforms weren’t able to provide great service on mobile devices. Having moved from Flash to HTML5, games are simpler to code and have the capability to be played on desktops, tablets, laptops, and phones. Despite HTML5’s success in solving much of the mobile gaming dilemma, not all mobile browsers offer full functionality.