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The Brutally Honest Difference Between Loving Someone AND Being In Love With Someone

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If you’ve been in romantic relationships before, then you probably must have heard the phrase “I love you, but I am not in love with you.” And it left you wondering, what does it mean? How can you love someone but not be in love?

Sure, there is a difference between these two expressions of love. Read on to find out the brutally honest one.


When it comes to matters of love, there are many different types of love. But love, as a universal thing has become cliché to many individuals. The overuse of the word ‘love’ has resulted in the loss of the special meaning it carries.

To be in love and be loved is the most beautiful thing in the world. Even when someone loves us in a non-romantic love, it makes us feel happy and cared for. Of course, we may not feel so good if the situation is reversed, meaning we love someone but that someone doesn’t love us back.

But, when two human beings are truly in love with each other, when they feel like they are soulmates – that’s more of a Universal blessing than a random occurrence.


Even though passion doesn’t automatically equal sexual desire, it definitely means experiencing feelings to an extreme. An overall desire to be intimate with someone on every level.

This type of love can be over- consuming because the emotions we have for the other person are very deep and intense. This kind of love has fear at its core – the fear that the other person who we passionately love will leave us.   


This love happens when you feel in your heart that you love someone that you haven’t seen or talked to in months, or even in years. This kind of love is immune to time and circumstances. Whatever happens, you will still love the person with the same intensity.

This will make you sometimes wonder, how can it be possible to love someone who is so far from you, or with whom you have no contact. That is the power of love.


This kind of love is possibly the most painful one that someone can experience. The feeling that you love someone, but they don’t love you back is a very hard thing to accept and to live with.

When you are in a relationship, and you feel that your partner doesn’t love you as you love them, sometimes it may seem like you need to give them some time to start to love you. However, if they made sure they are never going to love you as you love them – then it is best to walk away however painful it is.


The best kind of love is the one in which both partners love each other with the same intensity. Their love is something they can’t deny nor run away from. Everyone sees the love in their eyes.

That’s what being in love means. To have someone that equally loves and cares about you, that you share your dreams, hopes, and passions with; that you are compatible, and willing to make it work.