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Does bulletproof coffee really worth the hype?


As we all know coffee it’s one of the world’s most popular and oldest drinks ever consumed by people. Another great thing about coffee, except its well-known popularity is that it contains antioxidants which have proven to be very healthy for the human body.

Doctors claim that drinking one cup of coffee each day helps reduce the risks of type 2 diabetes, liver disease, Parkinson disease and maintaining a healthy heart.

The beginnings of its popularity first started in Northern and South Africa for just about four thousand years with using primitive forms of the drink many of us love and know.

Nowadays millions of people around the world can’t start their day without a morning coffee in purpose to use them feel focused throughout the day. In no doubt, it’s the most popular and favored drink in the world!

What is bulletproof coffee?

First things first, the credits for this amazing recipe for coffee goes to Dave Asprey, the phenomenal inventor and founder of the famous Bulletproof dietary regime, which he made sure to lose one hundred and fifty pounds before promoting it and making it welcomed to others.

This famous coffee contains a combination of coffee, unsalted grass-fed butter and Brain Octane oil or XCT oil. These oils contain caprylic acid, which acts anti-inflammatory, antiviral and antibacterial, carrying many health predispositions.

All these ingredients are mixed and placed into a blender and been combined until achieving smooth texture, similar to a latte. Whether the ingredients are not blended nicely, there may be occur unpleasant taste for some individuals.

Coffee is guilty for most of us consuming more than seventy percent of the caffeine on a daily basis. While it’s obvious that frequent black coffee has lots of amazing advantages, this new sensation of bulletproof coffee, alongside with the new wonders with the bulletproof dietary regime and the bulletproof fast, has seize the world by storm.

There are many reasons to drink bulletproof coffee on a daily basis and below is listed one of the most popular advantages this coffee has to offer us to maintain our health.

Do you need to use specific coffee beans?

Matter-of-fact, when it comes down to what kind of coffee beans you should use – the answer is that you can use any type of beans, but the most splendid choice would be the organic coffee beans. If you have health issues and you’re trying to improve your health, it does not really make any sense to consume beans that have been exposed to different chemicals, which can later result with undesired harmful reactions to the body.

Bulletproof Benefits: Evidence – Based listings

  • Helps with weight loss

Nowadays we often read how beneficial the coffee is, thanks to his high levels of caffeine. The great thing about bulletproof coffee, when it’s mixed with the famous bulletproof diet, can easily help you to achieve your weight loss goals – rapidly. The coffee as we all know is has high levels of fat, but the amazing idea here is to avail oneself in a way that the levels of fat his coffee contains may be used as a source of energy.

If you are that type of person who drinks coffee right after you wake up in the morning, this drink can take your main breakfast and keep you feeling full until the next meal in the day. Another important thing along with coffee drinking is to avoid your unhealthy eating habits, so you could improve your weight loss journey. Try consuming one cup of bulletproof coffee each morning and let the magic begins, reducing all your cravings.  

  • Bulletproof coffee has high levels of healthy fats

Because of its grass-fed butter and the other two distinctive types of oils that are frequently consumed, this coffee has high levels of omega-3 and omega-6 fat acids.

The omega-3 fat acids can help your body in many healthy ways, which includes relieving symptoms of asthma, conquering depression, attention-deficit disorder and even helps with Alzheimer’s disease. Another great thing about its omega-3 acids is that they are very important and crucial fats while pregnant or nurturing to help healthy development of a newborn’s eyes and brain.

Meanwhile omega-6 fat acids are another crucial part of the importance to maintain a healthy body. They contain high levels of anti-inflammatory agents that help to prevent aging, as well preventing cardiovascular diseases and diabetes.

  • It can help boost your energy levels

As we mentioned before, the bulletproof coffee has amazing sources of caffeine within. While the consistent coffee drinkers are well informed, caffeine can give you an awesome boost of energy in the morning, even helps the athletic players with their performance.

But you should consider that if you load your coffee with lots of cream and sugar, it doesn’t provide you any nutrients. On days when you don’t have enough time to prepare yourself a breakfast, you could try to drink bulletproof coffee and experience all the nutritious calories that will lead you throughout your morning.

Does bulletproof coffee proved that deserves its popularity?

One fact that will not change nearly in the future is that the consumption of the coffee will remain. Many of us depend on our early morning coffee, enjoying the benefits of fast waking up and boosting our energy levels while we are tired.

This latest trend of bulletproof coffee, as you might imagine, rapidly is becoming more and more popular worldwide for many reasons. The combination of its health advantages with the advantages of the oils, have become a beverage that will help drinkers to live healthier lifestyles.