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Buy installs google play to boost your app ranking


The idea to buy installs google play will pay for itself in the short run. Your ranking in Google Play is vital for attracting more organic traffic. Thus, concentrate on improving your position with motivated installs. You’ll become visible for organic users and compensate your spendings for promotion. Moreover, if you’ve chosen the right keywords, you’ll increase your income multiple times. Let’s figure out how to do it.

The first step before the promotion is to ASO your app. You should make keyword research and find relevant search requests for your product. There are several ways to pick them. 

  • Brainstorm, 
  • Find keywords in your competitors’ descriptions and reviews, 
  • Use autosuggestions of the search engine, 
  • Look into the thesaurus,
  • Leverage ASO tools.

Besides, you can get suggestions on the smart campaign in your keyapp.top cabinet. It’s better to create as large a keyword cloud as possible. You’ll sort it out later and choose only the most convertible search requests.

To become associated with some keywords, add them to your title, short and long description. Insert 7-10 keywords in your text naturally. Add only the most relevant search inputs in your title and subtitle. After that, you can order installs by these phrases. 

Start with a small number of installs like 20 per day. Your promotion shouldn’t look suspicious. When you don’t have top rank, it’s unreasonable to order installs massively. You’ll increase the number of downloads gradually as your app is moving forward. Concentrate on the promotion of 4-5 keywords. When they get a firm position and bring organics, turn to the other group. Such a strategy will give you revenue for onward promotion. Besides, you’ll be in the rank for a bigger number of search requests. You’ll have more chances to reach your target audience when you buy installs google play for more keywords.