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If You’ve Ever Been Called Overly-Emotional Or Too Sensitive, This Is For You


Has someone offended you by calling you emotional? Do you often cry because you react oversensitivity to things? People think that you are emotional if you shed some happy tears and they call you sensitive when you express that something bothers to you.

Well, don’t worry about those people, they just don’t realize that you have a super-power! Yes, being sensitive and emotional is a super-power that a few people possess. You are able to sympathize and empathize with a situation that is either your own or to other people.

This is truly a rare ability and that is the reason why most of the people don’t understand why you react the way you do.

You should never concern about other people’s reactions towards your sensitivity and emotionality because they are a gift from God. He believes in you, he believes that you are bigger than the rest of the world and someday you will use this gift to make difference.

Someday you will change somebody’s life. You of all the people have the ability to support a friend in need. You are the first person that your friends will call: either they need you to listen to their problems when the world turned them down, or to simply be happy about their happiness when something good has happened to them.

In a world where only money matters, you feel differently. Your special gift makes you see and feel that there is more than material things. The greatness of your heart can lead you to volunteer or donate so that you could help someone in need.

Feeling differently than the rest of the world is an amazing thing. You smile sincerely and from the heart, your smile is big! You feel things with all the senses and you feel deep from the heart. You love from the bottom of your heart, from the very core of your soul. It’s a superb thing!

Imagine that you are emotionless and insensitive. Do you think it’s a good thing? Being without emotions is not a healthy thing.

People who don’t sympathize and don’t have strong emotions to thing around them aren’t very happy in their lives and they are hardly ever satisfied with anything.

You are a rich person. You enjoy the beauty of the world simply because you feel it more. Don’t you ever stop feeling the summer breeze on your skin, dance in the rain if you feel like doing so.

The things that you do, the thing that make you feel more alive are the thing that you have to hold dear to. A simple sunset makes you appreciate more the things that were given to us.

The smell of spring, the song of a bird, the whisper of the wind, you see and feel the nature with all your senses.

The world is beautiful and you know it, and even more- you feel it. This makes you more sensitive and emotional towards people and you sympathize and empathize with them.

Accept who you are and feel sorry for those will criticize for your gift. Those people don’t deserve your presence, they don’t deserve the greatness of your heart.

Remember that you are better and greater than them. Rise above their stupidity and ignore them the next time you are called emotional or sensitive. Be who you are and be proud of you gift.