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Can Cannabis Help Calm Anxiety?


It is something everyone has probably heard someone else say, at least once in their life: Cannabis helps to lower anxiety. Though the effects may vary on individuals, it is proven that a compound inside marijuana possess therapeutic properties. Here is what you should know about the subject.

Cannabis: Largely Accepted by the Population as a Health Treatment

Living with anxiety can be a serious issue, which can become a strain and furthermore incapacitate an individual in his daily life. Finding a solution that can lower this level of stress and enable the person to handle his daily task in a calm matter, is not only beneficial but for many necessary. One of the ways to treat anxiety is through the use of cannabis, which is legal in various parts of the world today.

The idea that marijuana is helpful reducing anxiety and that it can help treat other health issues has definitely taken root inside society. In 2017, a survey of 9,000 Americans discovered that more than 80 percent of the population believes that the use of cannabis is related to various health benefits. Regarding the anxiety, stress and depression relief factor, more than one out of two believed it to be true.

CBD and THC and their Effects

There are two main ingredients found inside marijuana. The psychoactive compound called THC is the one responsible for what is called “the high”, when you use it. The other active ingredient is CBD, which is part of numerous therapeutic treatments and is non-psychoactive.

Users often report that the benefits brought in by these substances are an increased sense of calm, improved relaxation and sleeping better. It is believed to work well when it comes to relieving symptoms of agoraphobia, social anxiety, PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder), panic disorders as well as various phobias.

In 2015, a study supported the idea that CBD can really treat stress, particularly when it comes to the various kinds of social anxieties. It can be observed on individuals who have frequent panic attacks, as it reduces greatly the number they go through daily. It can also enable others to go grocery shopping like normal people instead of being totally stressed by the experience.

It is important to keep in mind that self-medication is never the best solution and that one should consult a doctor if they suffer from various anxiety issues before deciding on a treatment. Any medicine taken in doses higher than prescribed can become another health issue in itself.