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Can CBD Cigarettes Help You Quit Smoking Tobacco?


Smoking tobacco is one of the most addictive habits, and quitting is not easy. It’s not just the addiction to nicotine, but the act of smoking itself is a hard habit to break.

Tobacco use is one of the leading causes of death in many countries. With more than 480,000 deaths per year, just in the US. Around smoking tobacco and other substances, the lungs release more than 4,000 different harmful chemicals that increase the risks of developing lung cancer, asthma, and chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases.

Smoking tobacco is addictive, expensive, and has serious health consequences. Yet for some, the ritual of lighting up the cigarette every few hours can be so rewarding that it’s hard to simply quit cold turkey.

After that, it doesn’t matter if you’ve tried to quit for one day, one year, or one decade. The addiction never goes away. But, there’s an alternative that can make the process a whole lot easier. It’s called CBD [or cannabidiol] cigarettes.

How Does Nicotine Addiction Starts?

Like most drugs, nicotine targets the brain’s center, increasing dopamine and endorphin levels, which significantly reduces stress and gives a sense of calmness. In the long run, these nicotine effects on the brain start to alter the normal course of neurotransmitters.

Which can completely change a person’s self-control and stress-related patterns. That’s how nicotine addiction starts. CBD is not about replacing one addictive smoking habit with another.

WHO confirms that CBD is a safer alternative to tobacco smoking. CBD may help with nicotine withdrawal symptoms, but it does not cause dependency.

How Are CBD Pre-Rolls Made?

CBD cigarettes are made from high-quality industrial CBD hemp flowers. These flowers are produced from a cannabis plant variety that posses a very low amount of the main psychoactive ingredient commonly known as THC.

This means that CBD cigarettes can offer plenty of CBD with absolutely no intoxicating health issues. Also, these cigarettes are nicotine-free. 

If you open a CBD cigarette, it might look a bit like tobacco smokes, but don’t worry. These hemp flowers are dried and crushed looking at a slightly greenish twinge, with parts of golden brown industrial hemp.

They’re made of tobacco-free paper, and the nicotine in tobacco is replaced by cannabis plant hemp, making it easier for people who are trying to find an alternative to tobacco smoking.

These hemp cigarettes from mr hemp flower will act as a replacement for the nicotine in regular tobacco smokes and are intended to be lit by a fire source and smoked. It’s not advised to vape a dried CBD cigarette.

If you wish to vape CBD, CBD oil drops are specifically made for vapers.

Are CBD Cigarettes Addictive?

Cannabidiol is a neutral cannabis plant ingredient that does not alter brain function.

However, smoking marijuana is addictive due to THC [Tetrahydrocannabinol], which is the main active and effective ingredient of all recreational marijuana. It can alter brain activity, leading to an addiction.

CBD can alleviate the psychoactive effects of THC in marijuana. Neutralizing the psychoactive effects, so you can’t possibly develop an addiction to CBD.

How Can CBD Help With Tobacco And Nicotine Cravings?

Nicotine in those tobacco smokes can be as addictive as hard drugs like cocaine and heroin. CBD reduces the amount of this opioid addiction that the brain craves, hence reducing drug dependency.

Pharmaceuticals solutions like nicotine replacement therapy, medications, nicotine gum, or patches don’t do much for addictive users. CBD cigarettes significantly help to combat tobacco addiction.

  • Tobacco And Nicotine Withdrawal

At first, it will be hard to break this deadly habit and your body with start to go into withdrawal. Leading to an impenetrable barrier of withdrawal symptoms. Which includes several days of headache, anxiety, depression, insomnia, excessive hunger, high blood pressure, concentration and thinking problems, etc.

And the worst part is that this nightmare will last for weeks or even months. Now, no one said it was easy, if it was, tobacco smoking would not be a worldwide concern.

However, CBD helps you relax, combats headaches promoting restful sleep. CBD can help you get through the quitting period without having to face extreme struggles.

  • Smoking Cessation

Lighting those packs of cigarettes one after another becomes a part of your identity. And quitting something like that is unimaginable. The smoking cessation period can get super hard for addictive tobacco smokers.

The urge to smoke will be much higher than your normal smoking days. The body’s urge for nicotine consumption will be heightened. Smoking high-quality CBD cigarettes instead will be your first step towards overcoming nicotine and tobacco addiction.

  • Promotes General Relaxation

People enjoy cigarettes for a variety of reasons. One of the main reasons is relaxation. If topical creams, gums, and medicines are not your thing to curb your nicotine cravings, CBD cigarettes can produce a very similar smoking experience as regular tobacco smokes.

Where nicotine in tobacco smoke is dreadfully addictive, these hemp cigarettes are the best non-addictive alternative to smoking. Giving an identical hand movement, CBD cigarettes will promote general relaxation, reduce stress and ease your nicotine cravings.

How Much CBD Should I Take To Carb Nicotine Cravings?

The accurate dosage will depend on your metabolism, weight, and the intensity of tobacco withdrawal symptoms you face on a daily basis. It is best to consult with your practitioner for an initial dosage, especially if you’re starting new.

In general, 12-15 mg of CBD per day is optimal for beginners to see how the body reacts to cannabidiol smokes. If you’re too addicted to nicotine, and just CBD does not curb your cravings, you can try to limit the number of tobacco smokes per day, and replace a few with CBD smokes for start.

And then gradually start increasing the amount of CBD and reduce tobacco smokes each day to reduce the salience of tobacco cigarette stimuli.

CBD will take off the emotional pressure of nicotine absence, breaking you free from the suffocating and intoxicating chains of tobacco addiction.