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 Can I Actually Win Real Money From My Free Spins Bonus? 

Free Spins Bonus

Out there on the internet, there are thousands and thousands of online casinos, all offering different deals, freebies, and bonuses. Deciphering the good deals from the marketing spin can be a whole level of evaluation that many players don’t factor in when choosing where to play. Many people become disheartened when they sign up and play at one casino, then realize it’s almost impossible to cash in on one of the bonus deals. They feel cheated and lied to, instead of good about the sweet deal that they received. But plenty of businesses do give away real freebies. It’s just a matter of figuring out which ones.

So, can you really win real money – and not just credits – by using free spins at online casinos? Plain and simply put: yes. But, it’s not always straightforward. You can get hundreds of them online at NoDepositCasino.guide, not only that, there’s even a helpful guide on how to make the most of them!

How Do Free Spins Work? 

There are different types of free spin bonuses on offer at online casinos, each coming attached with a slew of different terms and conditions. Finding out what you’re in for before signing on the dotted line is good practice if you want those free spins to actually be worth it.

Welcome bonus free spins

When you’re new to an online casino, you’ll be bombarded with multiple different bonuses for signing up and even depositing money. For new players, there are two different types of free spin bonuses; the no deposit free spin bonus, and the free spin bonus for your first deposit. Both of these bonuses may not be available, it may be one or the other or none at all.

VIP club free spins

As a member of an online casino’s VIP club or loyalty program, you’ll be entitled to certain perks. The majority of casinos sign you up for the VIP club automatically, although some are an opt-in affair. In the VIP club you might be rewarded with a number of free spins for activities like signing in each week, completing little challenges or games, etc. The VIP club doesn’t always offer free spins as a reward, other clubs have physical gifts you redeem for points, match bonuses to take advantage of, and other little sweeteners.

Returning player free spins

If you haven’t played at a casino for a while, some casinos will offer a free spin bonus as an opportunity to start playing again for free.

Event or campaign free spins

Casinos take the marketing opportunity to offer free spin bonuses for certain events like holidays or a particular marketing campaign they are running. Often these bonuses will crop up out of the blue. At other time you may be able to predict them. For instance, during the soccer world cup, a casino may offer free spins on a soccer-themed game. There will typically be a little bonus on your birthday, too.

New release game free spins

Getting a big new game on the roster can be quite the event for casinos. When a new release comes out, there may be a free spins bonus available for a short time so that players can get a taste tester of the style of gameplay. This is particularly popular when games featuring a whole new format or style of play are released.

How About the Winnings? 

You’ll see plenty of folks up in arms online about not being able to cash out their winnings from free spins. But if you look a little deeper into their story, you’ll usually find that it was the players themselves who didn’t read the fine print of the bonus.

Most free spin bonuses come with some attached clauses before cash out. These might include:

  • That you have made a deposit at the casino
  • That you have played through the wagering requirement. This might mean that if you have 30 free spins that are usually $1 a piece, the wagering requirement is 20x, so you’ll need to bet $600 through that particular game before a cash out.
  • An upper limit on the amount a casino will cash out from free spins.
  • A lower limit on the cash out amount.

Knowing these terms and conditions in advance, before you start playing, can save a lot of headaches and heartache later. You don’t want to be under the impression you’re suddenly a multi-millionaire if there is a catch in there!

Ultimately, it is certainly possible to win real money from a free spins bonus, but you must ensure that the win complies with all the attached terms and conditions. If you can navigate these like a pro, then you’re well on your way to getting a little something for nothing.