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You Can Now Buy An Entire Village in Spain For Less Than The Price Of A Single Home In U.S.


Spain sells literally more than a thousand villages for a price of approximately $80,000. 

These villages are located on the fertile ground in Galicia which is located in the Northwest Spain. Galicia is one of the most crowded locations in Spain with 3,500 hamlets; half of them abandoned.

Neil Christie is a man who in 2005 bought a tiny village called Arruñada located on the border of Galicia and Asturias for a price of $53,000. Neil (61) lives there with his wife who is a teacher and works there while he takes care of the house.

He has been renovating the house for over 4 years before he decided to demolish it altogether. He is now rebuilding it using its original stone.

Neil says that he absolutely adores his new life. It is refreshment for him from the stressful job he had in England. He was finding it difficult to relax there. Now, he has all the time in the world to enjoy the little things in life. Besides, he lives in a place with zero pollution, clean and fresh water and fresh air.

Other people are also trying to renew the life in the villages. They work on rebuilding their old homes and begin to raise livestock. Moreover, they are trying to bring more people back to the villages. This happens usually when people are tired of looking for a job in the city and could not find it, so they move back to the villages.

One major of a town near the small village Barca has gone as far as giving it away for free under one condition: the lucky patron must rebuild the old houses and employ people from the town.

If you are interested in rustic livelihood and going back to nature, go visit the website Galician Rustic where you can find many villages and homes for sale.  

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