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Can You Check Yourself out of Rehab? 5 Possible Complications


Do you find yourself wondering, “Can you check yourself out of rehab?” You may be able to, but here are some unforeseen consequences.

The opportunity to go through drug rehab is an amazing privilege.

If you know someone who successfully completed rehab, then you know how much it changed their life for the better. 

You may be considering going through rehab yourself. 

But going through the process to completion is incredibly challenging. So you may be wondering, can you check yourself out of rehab?

While in most cases you can, there are many complications that arise from leaving early.

  1. Detox Is Dangerous

The initial withdrawal process period from addictive drugs – and this includes alcohol – can be life-threatening.

Someone who is experiencing withdrawal is at risk for a heart attack, stroke or even seizures.

The worst withdrawal symptoms typically hit within 24-72 hours. But the physical discomfort can last a week or more.

Having supervised medical detox during this time is crucial. You will have 24-hour monitoring and medical care. Plus, having this support system in place will increase the likelihood of successful detox. 

  1. Lack of Acquired Skills

Recovery is not achieved by simply completing rehab. It’s a lifelong effort.

When you find a detox center, you’re essentially committing to two different things. 

First, you’re agreeing to the actual rehab process which can last anywhere from a few weeks to several months. 

But you’re also agreeing to long-term recovery. And that begins the moment you walk out of rehab.

By completing the program and not checking out early, you’ll acquire the necessary skills to maintain sobriety once you’re back in the “real” world. You’ll be encouraged to attend individual counseling and group therapy, as well as learn about proper nutrition to keep you healthy.

Leaving early highly increases your chance at relapsing.

  1. Challenges in Relationships

If you check yourself out of rehab early because you’re convinced that you’re okay, you’re going to find it challenging to maintain relationships with friends and family members.

That’s because, without the aforementioned acquired skills, you will likely return to old ways of dealing with those relationships. But you’ll no longer have the help of your drug or other addiction to mask those difficulties.

In addition, the loved ones in your life may feel stressed or strained about your leaving rehab early. Particularly if their continued relationship with them was contingent on your finishing.

You may find yourself cut off from some of them.

  1. Legal Penalties

This won’t really apply to you unless you’ve been ordered by the court to attend rehab.

But for those who are required to complete rehab as a part of their sentence, checking out early could result in legal penalties. 

  1. Expenses

No matter how you cut it, drug and alcohol rehab can be expensive. While it’s absolutely worth every penny, if you end up having to go through it more than once, it can put a serious strain on your wallet.

So if you do find yourself in rehab and considering checking yourself out early, talk to your therapists and counselors first. They understand your issues and can address your concerns.

You can discuss your concerns in group therapy too. You might be surprised to find there are others who feel the same. And that could strengthen your resolve to stay.

Can You Check Yourself out of Rehab?

The short answer is yes.

But the REAL answer to can you check yourself out of rehab should be, why would you want to?

You have so much to gain by staying.

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