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Can You Make A Square By Moving ONLY One Matchstick?

move one matchstick to make a square

Who doesn’t like puzzles? Even if we sometimes get enraged with how simple the solution was, we can’t resist the temptation of trying to solve one. Puzzles are a way of keeping your mind sharp, and are a great alternative to mindless scrolling and plain time wasting.

As a fun fact, do you know that children are usually better at solving puzzles? It’s because they tend not to overthink the logical problem, but approach it hands on, and draw their conclusions as they go.

On the other hand, adults tend to base their solutions on logical patterns they have created in their minds. Sometimes they work, but other times these patterns get so complicated, that the mind drifts far away from the simple solution.

Can you move one matchstick to make a square? 

The following puzzle is no different from many others: It requires you to look at the simplest solution, so think out of the box and don’t overthink it!

Time for some brain exercise! Let’s put your analytical skills to the test!

As you can see from the photo below, four matches are arranged in a plus shape with the heads facing outwards. What you need to do is make a square by moving just one match.

Take your time and think through it. The solution is very simple.

The key is thinking beyond the obvious route you would try to make a square by moving one match.

Did you find the solution? In the end, you either come up with the solution, or you don’t. If the second one is the case, then you could watch this video below and see how it can be done.