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Can You Vape CBD? Can You Ever!


Word on the street is that of all the CBD applications and ways to receive your daily dose, choosing to vape CBD has it’s own set of unique benefits.

Taking cannabidiol (or CBD) comes in numerous forms due to its rising demand. You can take it orally, by vaping, or via tinctures. The most popular method for this is vaping.

How you consume CBD affects how quickly you feel the effect. Would you rather take CBD orally? Or you prefer to vape CBD instead?

Let us look at how this works.

  1. CBD and Bioavailability

CBD can provide a wide range of benefits when taken in though we must also factor in how much of it the body can absorb. This is where bioavailability comes in.

Bioavailability pertains to the percentage of CBD that the body can absorb into the bloodstream and produce the needed effects. Depending on the form that CBD takes when introduced to the body, the bioavailability rate also varies. Some methods, like vaping, make it easier for the body to absorb CBD compared to others.

Now there are two factors to note here behind this. CBD happens to be hydrophobic, meaning that it isn’t water-soluble similar to how oil doesn’t mix with water. In this case, CBD would not stay in the bloodstream and instead accumulate in the fatty tissue.

The other factor is that CBD would need to pass through the liver if ingested orally and passing through the stomach and digestive tract. These factors, whether the transition through the liver or the accumulation in the fatty tissue, reduce CBD’s effectiveness.

  1. Maximizing CBD by Vaporizing

This leads us to this question: how do we maximize the amount of CBD absorption into the body? The answer to that is by vaporizing CBD.

This method puts CBD in a form that is easier to absorb and dissolve in water. During vaporization, CBD enters your lungs and then diffuses into the bloodstream. The result is a higher bioavailability.

It also decreases the time needed for vape CBD to take its effects. In this case, you feel these effects 30-60 minutes faster.

To have an idea of how this can help you, read the benefits here.

  1. Recommended Dosage for CBD

There is no hard or fast rule when it comes to a recommended CBD dosage. After all, this part varies between people and their needs. That said, there are some factors to look at.

Look at two things when noting the right dosage for you. One is your body weight and then start with a low dosage. Increase as needed until you find the right amount.

You also need to consider your current health condition. This is why you should always consult with a doctor first. This guarantees you vape the right amount.

Vape CBD Today!

With various ways of taking in CBD, vaping it happens to be one of the most popular methods due to how it is easier to absorb. The method is safe to administer as you only need less to vape CBD. Try this method unless you have breathing issues, which we would suggest other methods instead for your safety.

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