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Canadian Woman Thinks She May Be An Alien-Human Hybrid Due To Strange Events During Her Birth


The topic of alien visitations has long been associated with imagination, questionable sanity, or just a call for attention and fame. However, while it may seem like this to some, others are fiercely convinced and are in a constant search for evidence that can prove that aliens not only exist but have been visiting Earth since the dawn of humanity.

We won’t get too much into the topic of whether alien visitations are real or not. Instead, we’ll ask you a question: do you think human-alien hybrids exist?

According to UFO Researchers, hybrids are a result of an alien contact in which a woman is “impregnated.” They describe these people to possess a “highly compelling” gaze – “When they look at you, it feels as if they reach deep into your soul,” explains Earth Mystery News (EMN).

Hybrids are defined as people with high intuition, being able to undergo telepathic experiences, where they can easily tune into any person’s mind and read their thoughts. They often have out-of-body experiences, during which they see parts of the universe from where their alien origins are.

We suggest that you read this Canadian woman’s story about the circumstances of her birth in 1975 and why she believes that not only did aliens visit her family but that she is, in fact, half-alien herself.

In a video featured in Earth Mystery News (EMN), Lisa and UFO Researcher Luigi Vendittelli tell the strange story of how Lisa’s mother was visited by aliens and how Lisa’s birth was never planned (as nobody knew that she was inside her mother’s womb during her 9-month pregnancy).

Here’s how the main story goes. You can watch the full video below.

It all started when Lisa’s mother was 8 months pregnant. While she was resting in her bedroom, she suddenly got paralyzed as she started observing a grey object “come through the walls in the corner of the room,” after which two grey beings entered the room. As the report goes, she could understand their telepathic communication, where they were debating whether she was ‘ready’ or not.

After the short and intense visitation, the aliens left, and it wasn’t until her labor that she experienced a second very strange thing. During all her 9 months of pregnancy, her gynecologist told her that she carried only one baby (a boy). However, after giving birth to the boy, she suddenly started giving birth to another child.

That other child was Lisa. Her doctor was puzzled and claimed that it was impossible. Whether it was possible or not, Lisa came to the world with an O negative blood type, just like her mother, and she has always felt like she was from another place.

The story, however, doesn’t end here. During Lisa’s teenage years, her mother reported that she had another visit by an extra-terrestrial being. This time the being looked like a regular man, very tall, with red hair, wearing a doctor’s coat with the medical symbol with the snake.

This time, she wasn’t visited in her house, but she woke up in a place she didn’t know. She described the room as a “round, large room” where she could see “little, tiny vials all around the room, and it looked like a pharmacy.”

After asking the man what and where that place was and what the vials were for, the man answered that those vials were “all the medication that can cure humanity.” The conversation finished with the man telling her: “We’re never going to give it to you because you’re not supposed to be sick.”

Lisa says that she feels like she has a reason for being here, “a little different than other people, but I feel there are a lot of people like this.” She believes that she and other hybrids like her are here to help things change and that it’s a “very heavy burden to have.”

What do you think? Do human-alien hybrids exist? And if they do, could you recognize one?

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