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Be Careful Who You Let Into Your Life, Their Energy Affects Yours In Ways You Can’t Imagine


Everything around us is energy – we are energy. And all the energy inside you communicates with that which is around you on so many levels. We communicate energetically by simply standing next to other people.

And the way we communicate is so subtle, that we are not aware of just how much our energy is affected by the presence of the people around us.

Come to think of it, you must have noticed how nice you feel when you’re around a positive person, even if that person doesn’t necessarily do or say something special. The same happens when you’re around a negative person, whose negatively polarized energy is sucking all the positivity inside and is perverting it.

Every person has a positive and a negative polarity in their souls, and we become the side we feed. The positive side radiates with energy, while the negative side sucks the energy from the room and leaves traces of negativity that feel utterly disturbing.

These people are simply no good to be around for too long and should definitely stay out of your guest list if you invite people over to your place. Why? Because they can’t help sucking the positive energy dry.

It’s very difficult to stay positive around these people, and they usually affect the vibration so negatively, that the tension can be literally felt. And trust me when I say, they don’t have to be aware of the negativity they are radiating with.

While I won’t go into why these people have become what they are, and whether they like it or not, it’s important that you remain positive and shield yourself with positive thoughts and deeds.

This won’t make that negative person more positive, as their bodies feed on the positive energy and generate an air of deadly negativity. It will, however, raise your vibration so as not to be the target of that energy drain and not to be the victim of the negativity that is spread.

And it’s perhaps most important that you don’t let these people inside your personal living space – because they will leave it in a complete energetic chaos. These people are rare, but they come with the intensity of a hundred and they are very unpleasant to behold.

I have had such an experience with a person who I had to share the living space with. It was so unpleasant just to be around that person, as my empathetic side was shouting warning signs of how my positivity is being drained away.

And you know what remains when the positivity is gone, right? I became so negative, so bitter, that I couldn’t recognize myself. It took me a lot of struggle to understand that I had changed in a way that I could have never anticipated.

This person was not necessarily evil, I must say. She was just so negative, that I remember saying: When she wakes up, she hates herself; when she starts the day, she hates everybody else. Why she was so bitter I couldn’t understand, and I did try to help her gain a more positive perspective on life.

You know what they say – when you want to help someone out, become the example of what you preach. However, her way of handling things was something I had never seen before.

She perverted each of my good intentions and converted all the positive energy I directed into a deadly negative vapor that felt intoxicating. And she didn’t even try hard! She was just like that.

And once you fall into this kind of loop, it’s very difficult not to be affected by their negativity – especially if you have opened up so much with the hope that they could see what the light looks like.

So, in the end, I decided to regain my positivity and I started isolating myself from that person. It was a long process, I can assure you, but one that I hope was worth it. In the end, you can’t help everyone, and you aren’t supposed to.

Be careful who you let into your life because you aren’t a saint – you have to know when to say STOP and build a nice wall between you and someone else. You can’t like everyone, and you can’t be liked by everyone, so why try?

Instead, remain the positive person you are and stick with people who share your vibration. Negative people present a challenge, and the lesson is the one I just told you. I hope you won’t have to learn it the hard way as I did.

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