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Beware Of Tonight’s New Moon In Capricorn (January 16th – 17th) – The Energy Is Extremely Heavy And Dangerous


Are you feeling weird and heavy lately? Are you feeling like you can’t breathe at times?

If you do, it is because the energy this month has been so intense, and it will continue to grow and intensify until the end of the month with the Full Moon.

The New Moon happening tonight (January 16th) will bring about many things that we all need to prepare for.

The New Moon is dark, and it happens once in every month. On that day the moon is invisible to us. This is because the moon rises and sets at the same time as the sun and its face is hidden from us.

This New Moon brings about new fierce and conflicting energies. One moment we would feel like we’ve been pushed towards something only to find ourselves being unexpectedly pulled back to a very different thing.

This powerful energy will force us to think and revisit old wounds and aspects of ourselves that we haven’t thought about in years. It will exhaust us. It will leave us feeling like we are losing air, putting us quickly into survival mode.

Things will quickly get serious. We will be feeling like we should change something and change our life fundamentally. This determination is not bad if you have a strategy. In the following days, you MUST be prepared and have a plan for every single thing, however minor it is.

To be honest, this New Moon’s energy won’t be easy. It will be extremely hard and heavy. But it is a healing one at the same time. Or in other words, it will hurt only to heal us. It will force us to think differently and most importantly, it will give us the strength needed to move forward once this energetic shift is completed.

Tomorrow’s New Moon will be in Capricorn and as it will symbolize love, it will also bring harmony and stability to any relationships that experienced turbulence in the last month or so.

But, you must be careful with this strong energy. You must stay calm and don’t let it overwhelm you. Only by staying fully calm and grounded you can be sure that things would work out for the best in your life. You must be open to receive as well as give love to others.

 Also, because of the Capricorn’s practicality, you will be bolder and more determined than ever. You will soon realize that you have all you need to achieve your goals and take on the world! This newfound progress and leap of faith will literally shape your life in the most amazing way possible.

So, in order to take the full advantage of the New Moon, you should try cleansing your aura tonight my meditating and make yourself sure that you are perfectly grounded, calm, and ready to experience all these positive changes and use them to your advantage.

Spread the awareness and take care!