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Carrying On Their Spirit: The Top Benefits of Keeping Your Loved One’s Ashes


Are you not sure what to do with your loved one’s ashes? Check out this guide to learn the benefits of keeping your loved one’s ashes.

Over 55 million people die each year.

This statistic is staggering, and difficult to comprehend. But when one of them is a loved one, it can be especially painful to deal with.

In modern times, people have chosen a wide range of burial methods, which includes cremation. With cremation, a crematorium will burn your loved one’s remains and then let you choose what to do with them.

Some people choose to scatter the ashes somewhere the person who passed loved. Others choose to bury them in a grave that they can visit. Still, others opt to keep their loved ones in an urn at home.

In this blog post, we’ll talk about some of the benefits of keeping your loved one’s ashes at home.

It’s More Eco-Friendly Than a Burial

Cremation is not completely eco-friendly, as it does create ashes that billow into the sky and causes pollution. But, in recent times, funeral homes have been able to modify how they do this process to make it greener than it used to be.

However, burying a body in a traditional method is not eco-friendly. This is because embalming a body means using harsh chemicals that are not compatible with the ground around it. As such, your loved one’s body will be mixing with the soil and creating a further health hazard.

Having your loved one’s ashes means they aren’t in the ground and their body will not help lead to further contamination of the area.

It Helps You Feel Close to Your Loved One

Having your loved one’s remains in your home can help you feel that much closer to them. While nothing will replace the bond you shared in life, having their remains physically close can be a comfort.

Most people go to a grave when they want to commune with the individual who has passed. With your loved one’s ashes there with you, you can have that comfort at any time.

Some people find speaking to their loved one out loud helps them deal with their grief, and you may find this so with your loved one who has passed.

Choose a keepsake urn for ashes to ensure that it also looks good in your home. You may want to choose one that blends in well with your current decor, or with the room, you wish to have the remains on display.

It Will Allow You to Be Buried at the Same Time

Most couples choose plots that are side by side. This is so the couple can be together in eternity as they were in their lifetime. But, most couples do not die at the same time, so they receive separate burials.

If you’re attached to the idea of being buried next to your loved one at the same time, keeping the urn makes it possible to do so. Once you have passed on, those you’ve left behind will be able to bury both you and your partner or spouse at the same time since you’ve kept the remains in your home.

You Can Scatter Some of the Ashes and Keep the Rest

Did your loved one have a special location in his or her heart? Perhaps it is the place where they grew up, the place you first met or their ancestral homeland. Whatever their reason, they may wish for part of their remains to be there forever.

With ashes, the place of burial or final resting place can be much more flexible. You can scatter some of the ashes at sea, for example, and also on the property of the farm they grew up on if both of these places have special meaning to the person.

You can then keep the rest of the ashes in the urn for yourself so that you have the physical comfort of feeling as though your loved one is near.

You Can Create Jewelry with the Ashes

It may sound odd, but many people have found having their loved one’s ashes, whether the remains are from a pet or human, made into a piece of jewelry to be comforting.

These beautiful pieces often look like any other piece of jewelry and depending on the company, you can often customize it to your liking.

People choose a variety of different types of jewelry, from precious stones to cheaper types. Your loved one’s ashes are integrated into the jewelry, typically by creating the stone so that the ashes sit inside of it.

It is not always apparent to those looking at the jewelry that you are wearing someone’s ashes, which also boosts the appeal. You can feel close to the individual any time and anywhere, even if you’re away from home where the ashes are stored.

Just like with scattering the ashes, you’ll only need some to have this done. You can then use the rest of the ashes to scatter or keep on display in your home.

Keeping Your Loved One’s Ashes at Home

Where you keep your loved one’s ashes is an entirely personal decision. However, you may need to discuss it with the person’s extended family to ensure they are okay with you keeping the ashes in your home. In some cases, this may involve the family dividing the ashes so they can all feel close to the individual who has passed.

However you decide to mourn your loved one who has passed is your decision. There is no right or wrong way to do so.

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