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Casino Gaming in Portugal: Companies Changed by Crisis


While many would view the pandemic from one perspective, it would be right to do that in two ways. Not all the industries and companies, to be specific, were affected negatively. Some have benefited from the pandemic, and others have faced a major blow. For instance, the casino industry has got two sides: the land-based and the online sector.

Those in the online casino business will confirm that the pandemic enabled them to increase their customer base and revenues. Gamers joining the online casinos in Portugal have been rising because of the restrictions set by the World Health Organization.

Land-based casinos, on the other hand, experienced a decline in the number of gamers. The restrictions have not been in their favour. We had a session with one of our experts Victoria Oliveira (view profile), to discuss how the pandemic has changed the casino and gaming industry.

How has Covid-19 impacted online casinos in Portugal?

Availability of better internet connection impacted customer base

Before the pandemic struck, the number of gamers had not surged in most of the casinos as it is today. The internet strength was also not as strong as it is today. But the case is different today because internet service providers invested in better devices.

That has been a motivating factor to gamers who have been staying indoors. They have opted for the online casinos instead of waiting for the reopening of the physical casinos. That has also seen the number of Portugal online casinos rise over time. Discussions around the introduction of 5G connectivity have also been in progress during the pandemic.

Scammers also took advantage of the rising need for gaming but casino Portugal online has been at the forefront of ensuring that gamers get all the information they need about online casinos.  You will find various reputable online casinos that will cater to your gaming needs in Portugal and beyond.

Adoption of better payment methods

Cashless transactions also became a new order during the pandemic. Before the pandemic, players would spend their cash in land-based casinos. Currently, transactions are online compelling them to choose the payment methods that will favour them.

Casino sites that had not adopted some payment methods have had to check out for the most demanded ones and integrate them.

The use of crypto methods also increased as it became convenient and reliable for many users. Furthermore, according to casino industry analysis, there has been a rise in the number of crypto casinos, thus favouring most gamers. That’s a sign that the online casino sector has undergone a significant transformation to become better during this pandemic.

Sportsbook diversification

Earlier, when online gaming became the new order, the sportsbooks were not offering what the Portugal players were looking for. The pandemic brought a new dawn in the gambling industry that saw most casinos diversify in their range of games.

The need to introduce demanded games that would give the gamers a thrilling experience arose. It made them partner with some of the top software providers and games developers to create astonishing pieces.

The diversification is why some betting sites today have modern games on top of traditional games such as scratch cards, poker, and table games. There are also many virtual sports to bet on, especially for sports betting enthusiasts. It’s the power behind the casino industry trends we have today. Through diversification, casinos have been in a position to tap more gamers and increase their revenues.

Increase in fantasy betting videos

Active sports have been affected since the outbreak of the pandemic. That’s because most of the players were affected by the policies put in place by the world health organisation.

As a result, the fans shifted their attention to video betting and video gaming. The online casinos have also been in the frontline of adopting some of the latest technologies, such as augmented reality and virtual reality. It signifies a breakthrough in the industry since the outbreak of the pandemic.

Impact on the land-based casinos

After the outbreak, the immediate closure of the land-based casinos in Portugal made the casinos go weeks and months without profits. The gamers have not had the freedom to walk to the casino halls anymore. Even after the World Health Organization relaxed its policies, casinos cannot operate effectively due to its limitations.

As you can see, the pandemic has changed the gambling industry both negatively and positively. Fortunately, most casinos have adapted to the changes to become better.