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CBD Heart Rate Side Effects and Other Rare Concerns You Should Be Aware Of


CBD is a helpful tool that solves a number of health problems. For some though CBD heart rate side effects and similar issues could be cause for concern…

A third of CBD users have experienced mild side effects while using Cannabidiol (CBD).  However, research shows that CBD is well tolerated in humans despite its few mild side effects. The most common of these effects is heart rate reduction.

Users should know which side effects to expect when taking medicine. This caution applies to CBD as it applies to all other medication.

Besides CBD heart rate reduction and other side effects, there are specific categories of people who shouldn’t use CBD oil. Knowing who these people are will help you know if you and your loved ones fall in that category.

Side Effects

The following are some side effects:

– Fatigue

– Nausea

– Dry Mouth

– Increased appetite

– Reduced appetite

– Low blood pressure

While using CBD, you’ll probably experience one or a few of these symptoms. However, they aren’t that severe.

CBD Heart Rate Reduction

One of the reasons why CBD is sought after is reducing a patient’s heart rate. Heart rate reduction benefits those suffering from hypertension and anxiety. Low blood pressure may lead to drowsiness and low productivity.

Older CBD users should be careful when using CBD due to its effect in lowering heart rate. As people get older, their bodies slow down, and their heart rate reduces. The use of CBD may further reduce it to dangerous levels.

To avoid side effects and ensure the safety of the product you are taking, take the following steps.

  1. Review the Ingredients

The CBD regulatory framework isn’t clear. Lack of clarity leaves a room for manufacturers to determine composition and packaging.

Some CBD products contain significant amounts of THC. THC is intoxicating and anxiety-inducing. Having THC in your medical Marijuana negates the positive effects of CBD.

  1. Choose Oil over Vape

Studies have shown that CBD vape juices are likely to be improperly labeled. Manufacturers label the oils more accurately. You are surer of the ingredients of oil than those of vape.

  1. Use Natural CBD

Always go for pure plant-based CBD. Synthetic CBD contains ingredients that lead to serious side effects. Hallucinations, seizures, and in some extreme cases, loss of consciousness are some of the recorded side effects of synthetic CBD.

  1. Use Hemp Oil Instead of Marijuana Oil

CBD sourced from hemp is a better option from marijuana sourced CBD. Marijuana can contain up to 40% Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is a hallucinogen. Hemp contains 0.3% of THC.

THC counters the benefits of CBD by increasing blood pressure and anxiety.  Products with these high levels of THC are considered recreational marijuana, and they’re illegal in some jurisdictions.

  1. Consult a Doctor

If you’re using other medication, you should seek to learn more about how it interacts with CBD. It’s prudent to consult a doctor before using CBD. A doctor may have reviewed some studies on the matter and be in a better position to advise.

Who Else Should Avoid CBD?

Manufacturers generally avoid using pregnant and breastfeeding women during clinical trials. Lack of information on what its effects would make it unwise a patient to use it when in that state.

Moreover, use in that state would cause CBD heart rate reduction than can significantly affect the unborn.

There aren’t many studies on the effects of CBD on children. Epidolex, a CBD based drug, and CBD oil are approved for treating severe epilepsy in children.

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