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How To Change My Life For The Better In Just One Month (Complete Guide)

how to change your life in a month

Sometimes changing your daily routine or lifestyle may seem tough. However, it doesn’t have to be. Svetlana Pokrevskaya, a blogger who received a letter from one of her loyal readers asking her to share her lifestyle in order to help explains that there is a way to shape your life in just one month.

She says: This is how I changed my life for the better in just one month.

That’s right – she actually states that if you follow her routine, you will not recognize yourself. Although it may seem tough, once you begin exploiting it, you will come to realize just how unpretentious it can be.

Thus, she sat down, wrote everything she does step by step, and divided it into four parts, each accounting to one a week. Think about it – all you have to do is follow the steps to enhance your life to your liking. (1)

How can I change my life for the better?

The tasks include three things you need to integrate into your daily life in that one month to see amazing results. If you like what you see, she encourages you to endure.

First Week: Cleansing your body and mind

1. The first thing you need to incorporate is getting up at 6 AM.

This is the best “me” time, for things you can do before the rest of the world awakes. As this is the time when almost everyone is still sound asleep, your best bet is to use the time you normally wouldn’t get in different circumstances without any disruptions from the outside world.

That workout you’ve been meaning to pursue, but had no time for? Well, this is a perfect time! Studies have shown that the best and most effective time for exercise is in fact early mornings.

Not only is exercise good for your physical health, it also boosts your enthusiasm in the morning, making you more positive the rest of the day.

This way, the traffic on the way to work will be like a walk in the park, not the usual cranky experience. Being more optimistic about the day is guaranteed to boost productivity as well. The more you smile at life, the more it smiles back.

2. The next thing you need to consider is improving nutrition habits.

We all know that old habits die hard, which is why this next step is bound to be the toughest, requiring a remarkable combination of patient and will.

As most of us, you are probably using up all the energy you have to maintain your body working to overcome the unhealthy intake you consume, like alcoholic beverages and fatty foods. No one is perfect and neither are you, which means we all have something to eliminate.

This includes dropping fried food, junk food, empty calories, and sweet beverages. Cutting these things out of your daily diet will help a great deal. As these things are filled with toxins, they help no one.

Hence, eliminating them is the smartest thing you can do. Drop everything, turn to healthy, more raw food, and watch your life transform.

3. Taking up a sport is one of the mandatory things you need to do to make the change successful.

Svetlana shares that she personally loves sport and finds it obligatory to one’s well-being.

She prefers running, dancing and yoga, but you may take your pick. This does not have to mean you must join the soccer team; take a sport to your liking and do as much of it as you can, even if that means dancing in the elevator. 

Second Week: Placing order into your personal life 

1. In order to place an order in your personal life, you must clean your personal space first.

Get rid of everything you do not need. This includes clothes, makeup you are no longer using, and anything that does not serve you. Keeping old things not only maintains negative energy in your surroundings, it makes cleaning more hectic and dust present.

Your old memories are just that – old. Make room for new things to enter your life. Rid yourself of anything and everything that is old. Finally, after throwing everything away, take the mop and clean it all. The more refreshing space, the better you will feel.

2. Realize your responsibilities.

This next part is extremely vital. We all know responsibilities are above all else, but sometimes leave things for the next day anyway. We all have things we have wanted to do, but have been leaving them for a better day.

Well, it is never the best day. Whatever you have wanted to do, do it now. Have you been dying to take a road trip across the county?

Take a month off work and go! Waiting for New Years’ to come and start doing things has never worked, has it? This is why we make lists.

Take a moment, sit down and think of everything you have been meaning to do. Then, as you do it, tick it off the list. The feeling is so fulfilling it will shock you.

3. Work through your social life. 

That friend you have been dragging around for years that has made you absolutely miserable? Cut them loose, now. Bad relationships are harmful to your mental and spiritual health.

Although it may seem hard to do, it is the only way to allow yourself to grow. In order to grow, one must experience walking away with no explanation.

Learn the art of saying ‘no’ without hesitation. You have a right to your own happiness and that is non-negotiable. 

Third Week: Aims, Plans and Visions 

1. The proven most effective way to make your plans a reality is to write them down and carry them out. When we make long lists of tasks and fail to carry them out, it may burden us.  

Making realistic lists and actually finishing them may be the best way to go. In efforts to seem more productive, we may get carried away and end up making a mess of it all.

Therefore, when making these to-do lists, finish each task and tick it off. This does not only include your more serious obligations. (2)

Make sure to find free time to do fun things, like taking time for yourself, visiting friends and family, and doing things you love.

While preparing the plan, be sure to make it fun. No one wants to carry out tedious plans. You should be thrilled to do these things, not bored to death.

2. When preparing the list, don’t forget your most farfetched dreams.

This should be the most fun thing to do. Think of all the things you would like to accomplish that may seem a bit lunatic to someone reading them.

They should be things that seem extremely undoable. This may involve becoming a millionaire in 3 months or traveling the world at 90.

While imagining these things, remember that there is no obstacle holding you back from pursuing anything that comes to mind. You have all the resources you need, so what would you pursue?

She states that the first time she wrote back in February 2014, has now been completely achieved in its entirety. She even “finds it funny that her wishes were so modest, but at the time they seemed impossible to achieve.” Let that sink in.

3. Remember to plan everything on a daily basis.

This is extremely important: jot down a plan for the next day every evening. The length of the list doesn’t make a difference — it can be any kind of plan as long as it’s down on paper.

Doing it in the evening will help be more productive the next day, even if everything has not been carried out. This has been proven, so make sure to go through with it. Once finished, go over it and see where it leads to, if anywhere at all. (3)

Fourth Week: Spread your limits

1.Try living in a different way.

Once you give this a go, you will come to realize that even the tiniest of changes can take effect. For instance, try going for a latte on your own instead of with friends, give soccer a shot instead of basketball, or even buy a lighter shade of eyeshadow.

Give new things a try. Routines can be a drag, so try spicing it up on a daily basis. This way you will break from the routine and live a more fulfilling life.

2. Leave your comfort zone.

Those of you who have succeeded in carrying out all the steps mentioned so far, you have already come a long way and have managed to escapeyour comfort zone. But you should not stop there. Instead, look fear in the face and beat it.

The best way to beat fear is to do things scared. If you are afraid of deep water, dive into a pool. Tired of your job? Quit. Dying to start a rock band? Do it.

The only way to grow is to try new things, especially those you are afraid to pursue. (3)

3. Last but not least, take a break.

None of these things will come into full effect if you do not stop and take a deep breath. However, taking a break does not involve binge-watching your favorite show on Netflix.

It means turning off your Wi-Fi connection, and spending some alone This may involve going into nature or getting on a long train ride. Whatever you choose to do, make sure you give yourself some honest criticism.

Reflect on the past period and ask yourself if you are proud of your accomplishments. Do you need to make any major changes or are you on the right path towards enlightenment and accomplishments? What can you do to be better?

This is how to transform yourself in a month!

This is your life and your choices. By choosing to change your life for the better, you are automatically starting your improvement process.

This is not something that stops. Improvements last a lifetime but pay off, as you could never imagine.

The steps now seem simple, but once you incorporate them into your daily routine, watch the magic begin. Change is never easy, but it is inevitable for achievement.

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