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How to Choose a Medical Alert System for Seniors


Use of technology in medical field is making it more promising. From the sophistication of surgical instruments to the use of wireless and USB enabled fitness trackers, the technological innovation in medical field has come long way. Now, the next in the series of innovative healthcare devices is medical alert system, which is wearable in nature too. Here are some of the features you must look for in your medical alert device.

Fall detection and prevention system

Loss of balance is a thing of common occurrence amongst seniors. Therefore, medical alert system must have the provision for fall detection and prevention. Also, it is favorable if the medical alert device is connectible to the emergency healthcare unit in the closest proximity to handle any uncalled for adverse situation. Such facility allows seniors and family caregivers to obtain medical help even when no one is around.

Push button feature for calling help

When emergency strikes, it may not be possible for the person in distress to search and dial the emergency number. Thus, a push button feature that connects the device to the nearest healthcare center in just one click can prove to be the boon for the patient or the caregiver. This is, therefore, a feature of high utility and must be present in the medical alert system.

Regular health monitoring feature

A lot of effort is gone in blood and urine tests when done on a regular basis. Also, it is not possible to have an expert around 24 hours to measure your other health vitals. Medical alert system having facility for the monitoring of health vitals can help keep a close eye on the overall condition of the seniors. In case of the requirement of medical tests, alerts are generated as per the date input in the device. This facility is supportive of close and advanced monitoring that makes daily assessment of health vitals hassle-free. Additionally, daily check-in service, in person or electronically, is also a desirable feature as it enables daily monitoring of the seniors’ condition.

Location detection and activity monitoring feature

If the seniors are active enough to drive, they can enjoy self-sufficiency by taking help of GPS system embedded in the health alert equipment. GPS allows the person to travel on his own and the ability to share the location to other family members keeps them informed about the whereabouts of the user. Thus, the family members can know where the seniors are at any point of time.

Also, motion sensor and detector feature allows the family members to know if the seniors living in home are active as per their schedule. If there is any abnormality noted in the activity of the person, the users connected with the medical alert system can make timely enquiries and take necessary steps, when needed.

While selecting the medical alert system that fulfils all your needs, it is better to check the features offered by top 10 companies. Compare the features and then pick the one that suits your requirement most closely.