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Choosing Between In-Patient & Out-Patient Rehabilitation – What to Consider?


Medical treatment varies from person to person. A whole certain group of people cannot be treated via one particular tactic. Same goes for receiving medical treatment either through In-Patient or Out-Patient methods.

Drug addiction is also a condition which calls for prompt action before the matter reaches a whole new level of severity. Same goes for mental health disorders too. Patients are provided with the treatment based on their condition, as well as their preferences.

What Are The Differences between In-Patient & Out-Patient Rehabilitation?

Before opting for a particular treatment, it is best to draw a comparison of the qualities of both. You can only draw a comparison if you have the adequate information.

The table below illustrates the key differences between In-Patient & Out-Patient Rehabilitation.

In-Patient Rehabilitation Out-Patient Rehabilitation
Involves treatment inside the Rehab Center. Involves treatment at clinics or facilities
Comparatively costs higher Comparatively costs lesser
Schedule decided by the staff Appointments can be scheduled
Highly structured and intensive Less intensive and flexible
Patient has to live inside the center at all times. Patient can perform their other activities alongside easily.
Treatment available for limited disorders Treatment for multiple extreme level disorders at the same time
Usually consists of individual or group counseling Focuses on intensive treatment including medication and strict schedules
Suitable for people with moderate disorders and mild addictions Suitable for people who have severe addictions and mental health issues


While the terms In-Patient Rehabilitation and Out-Patient Rehabilitation are rather self-explanatory, many people are still not aware of the details in-depth, which is why they have a hard time choosing between the two.

Depending on the severity of the drug addiction and mental illness, the patient may decide which method would suit them better.

In cases where the judgments of the patient are obstructed due to the addiction or illness, the family or close confidantes of the patient may decide the method.

How to Choose Between In-Patient & Out-Patient Rehabilitation?

Addictions range from mild to severe and require the treatment accordingly. Same goes for mental health disorders. If the addiction or disorder is on a mild to moderate level, the patient can choose to opt for Out-Patient Rehabilitation.

However, if the patient is unable to control their urges and is drawn towards the drug upon its sight, then In-Patient Treatment is recommended for them. This is because they will be closely monitored on a 24/7 basis by the Staff, who will ensure that the patient is being treated towards recovery.

Factors to consider while opting for either In-Patient or Out-Patient include if the patient:

  1. Suffers from severe or a mild addiction or disorder
  2. Is able to control their urges regarding the drug
  3. Does not have issue separating from family and friends
  4. Can compromise on their daily routine such as their job
  5. Has enough budget to bear the expenses of either treatment
  6. Poses any serious threat to people around them or not