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Church Lets Homeless People Sleep Inside Every Night

church lets homeless people

Homelessness is a grave issue that exists all over the world and one that can’t be ignored. What’s even worse, in some cities, the problem of homelessness is almost an epidemic. Considering the staggering number of over 7,000 homeless people that are wandering the streets in San Francisco, this puts the city in the national top 10 for homeless population.

Luckily, not everyone ignores this problem as some good Samaritans are giving their best to help solve this grave issue.

St. Boniface Church in San Francisco is the place where approximately 225 homeless people seek rest and safety in every night, thanks to The Gubbio Project. The Gubbio Project was founded in 2004 to address the issue of homelessness, i.e. help provide homeless people with locations where they can find safety, sleep, and eat.

St. Boniface Church opens its doors for the homeless every night so that they can find a safe, warm, peaceful place to sleep. The homeless are also provided with blankets and hygiene kits and some who are experiencing discomfort or physical pain are even offered massages.

The kindness, care, and love that are constantly offered to the homeless in this church are truly boundless.

If you want to learn more about this amazing project, make sure you watch the video below.