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Our Planet Is So F***ED That Some Women Are Choosing To Not Have Kids


Choosing to have children is one of the most important decisions one has to make in their life.

Traditionally, societies have imposed the idea that creating a family is one of the main measurements of success in life, and consequently, it is considered a given fact that each person should be a parent.

However, things have changed. In the modern world, there are number of financial, social, medical and psychological factors that influence the verdict of bringing new life to Earth.

Recently, with the fast transformations in the global environment, climate change has become an additional impactor.

We have all been witnesses to global warming, increased air pollution and lack of clean water. Plentiful species of the flora and fauna are endangered or gone into complete extinction, while the natural resources are being depleted with the speed of light.

The scientific predictions indicate future trends of temperature growth and lack of natural resources. As one can easily guess, the main reason for the above comes from the human factor.

There have been many researches that study the connection between population growth and the global climate change.

As Safa Motesharrei, a researcher from Maryland University  argues, “Many datasets, for example, the data for the total concentration of atmospheric greenhouse gases, show that human population has been a strong driver of the total impact of humans on our planet Earth.

For the most recent time, we show that the total impact has grown on average ~4 percent between 1950 and 2010, with almost equal contributions from population growth (~1.7 percent) and GDP per capita growth (~2.2 percent).”

Motesharrei also mentioned that this resembles a replication of the entire effect every 17 years. Hence, it is no wonder that this replication of the influence is appallingly quick.

These figures are important to many environmentally aware women when evaluation their reproductive plans. Josefine Ferorreli, a co-founder of Conceivable

Future, a non-profit organization that deals with the issue states that we are living at a time where people’s choices are profoundly and excruciatingly intricate by climate change.

The argument is the following: Why contribute to the Earth’s unsustainability by giving another birth? Supportive to the cause is the fact that there are millions of unfortunate kids who struggle with poverty, hunger, illnesses and lack of education.

Moreover, there are millions of orphans with awful prospects for a high quality life. Therefore, wouldn’t it be by far more noble to help such a child instead of contribution to earth’s destruction?

Secondly, one has to take into consideration the prospects for well-being that their new born child will have. Deciding to have a child, means accepting the fact that he/she will have to build a life in a polluted world and bear the consequences of it.

Who wants to put his own child at a risk of illness or disorder created as a result of the environment they live in?

The reasoning behind the issue is a straightforward formula – we have destroyed the Earth by overpopulation; why supporting further destruction while putting others at the risk?

However, human mind does not always reason straightforwardly. What we need to learn is how to become less selfless, and make a decision that will be to the greatest benefit to everyone.

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