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Coffee And Health: What Does The Research Say?


As the time passes by and the science improves more and more, specifically on the topic of coffee, the new findings are quite likeable for the common coffee lover, let alone the coffee addicts who drink several cups of coffee a day.

Its consumption started back in the centuries, but there was never a firm clue to blame, regarding the question whether it is healthy or unhealthy drink it.

Well, recently, there have been plenty of research that gave coffee lovers a green light to drink their favourite drink without a doubt.Try this best drip coffee maker. The number of benefits range from increasing energy level to living a long life.

Here is what the recent research shows about Bristol Nicaragua coffee and health:

  1. The coffee improves the memory on the long term

If you notice any issues with the memory function, then, you need a real dose of caffeine to improve the long-term memory. It is scientifically proven that two cups of coffee a day is the dosage needed to improve the memory on the long term.

  1. Coffee helps you stay focused

Whole bean coffee lowers the symptoms of fatigue, but also keeps you attentive and alert. This effect is a result if the neuro-chemical reactions the caffeine has. It maintains a higher concentration of dopamine, especially in centres of the brain associated with attention. However, you must not exaggerate the dose, because you may get the opposite effect.

  1. Coffee and losing weight

If you want to get slimmer, why not trying this step?! The coffee helps you to stay active and it boosts your energy, which you can use to do the workout easily i.e. to improve the physical performance and lose weight. Drinking a cup of coffee before exercising in the gym will help you stay active and energetic. It will also suppress hunger so you have a chance to minimalize the meals, if you drink two to three cups of coffee a day.

  1. Coffee reduces the risk of heart attack

Only a cup a day is sufficient to lower the risk of getting a heart attack up to 25%. According to the research, this miraculous property of the coffee is due to the many essential nutrients the coffee contains, but mostly the antioxidants. It has been concluded that Americans intake more antioxidants when they drink coffee, rather than when they eat fruits and veggies that abound in antioxidants.

  1. Coffee protects against many diseases

 Coffee is amazing! It does prevent against diabetes type 2, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s or Dementia. Although you have to pay attention to your daily nutrition and to stay physically active, the coffee will help in reducing the chance of getting these diseases. So, if you’re addicted to coffee, it is a message for you.

  1. Coffee is anti-cancer

Apparently, coffee is the greatest source of antioxidants, more than the fruits and veggies have. Serving yourself a nice cup of coffee does not mean dominant antioxidants only, but it is a whole source of useful compounds. The antioxidants in the coffee are responsible for. this amazing property of a drink so simple, delicious and highly aromatic, yet anti- cancer.

So this is why coffee it the healthiest drink in the world. The message is clear, find more time to enjoy the coffee and embrace the coffee along with its benefits for a longer and happier life. It is a message to the ones that doesn’t drink coffee to start drinking a cup of coffee per day for the sake of the coffee health benefits.