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A Company From Tennessee Fires 18 Employees Who Have Joined “A Day Without Immigrant”


What was known to be a peaceful and national protest “A Day without Immigrant” has turned out to be “A Day without A Job”. In Nashville, Tennessee, the company Bradly Coatings seemed to make a massive statement after firing 18 people who didn’t show up for work because they wanted to be a part of the nation-wide protest “A day without immigrant”.

The purpose of the protest itself, was to emphasize the contribution that immigrants made to this country, however the company seems to have a completely different point of view regarding this topic.

People who have participated in this peaceful protest, lost their jobs the very next day.

Despite the fact that many companies and businesses were supporting this protest or at least gave the green light to employees who wanted to join the protest, Bradly Coatings, Incorporated in Nolensville, Tennessee had a different policy towards this protest.

Their 18 employees announced their absence on Wednesday, due to the upcoming protest, supporting the contribution of immigrants worldwide, however instead of an understanding, they came across a day without a job.

Normally, this decision caused dissatisfaction and a shock at all those people, but also the situation provoked massive comments and amazement in the public.

Employees state that this decision is firstly not fair for the people who gave their best for this company and secondly, it’s unfair for the short notice or one day notice, in other words they didn’t have an opportunity to justify themselves, and neither did they have other choice except accepting the fact that they are terminated.

When the decision was made, some employees decided to quit their job in this company right after hearing about what has happened to their colleagues.

A former employee who wanted to stay anonymous stated that the whole situation and the handling of the problem was unfair.

In the massage for the company, the anonymous employee emphasized that all the people who’ve been fired didn’t deserve such treatment.

He also added that all the employees tended to make up for the day, or working on a Sunday, however the company didn’t want to listen and they did not even give the opportunity to the employees. Their only option was to fire people, right after the movement.

After this happened, a spokesman from the Department of Labor and Workforce Development stated that even though Tennessee is a state where an employer has the right to terminate people whenever he/she wants or for whichever reason or cause that is, there are other civil rights issues or other stipulations which can put an end to this.

There are a lot of speculations about why this company decided to act in this manner, however their attorney said that the termination of people had nothing to do with the national protest.

In his statement, the attorney elaborated the nature of the company or commercial painting services and the dynamics at which the company is functioning.

He also emphasizes that the company supports immigrants as well as diversity since the beginning, however he also states that the company warned their employees that if they choose to join the protest, they put their job position in jeopardy.

So, despite being warned about the time-sensitive nature of their jobs, the people still chose to join the protest and the following day the leadership informed them that they’ve been fired.

So, the company’s attorney states that all of those who have fulfilled their job obligations kept their job position, sadly the unfortunate 18 employees were terminated the very next day.

The attorney also emphasizes that the company didn’t have a choice in this situation because the company matters to maintain its stability and most importantly to keep the dynamics at which the client expect for the job to be finished.

As the attorney stated, the company will continue to support immigrants, but also will provide services on time to his clients as well as review some procedures in order to prevent such issues in the future.