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A Comprehensive Guide To Amnesia And How To Overcome It


Do you remember the movie The Vow where the heroine lost her memory after an accident? The disorder is called Amnesia, which mainly occurs due to substantial damage of brain, which results in the loss of memory.

Basically, there are two fundamental orders of amnesia. These are differentiated on the basis of the nature of the injury and degree of damage.

Common causes of amnesia

Amnesia is mainly caused due to neurological issues or psychological issues. Let’s get to know that what these neurological and psychological causes are:

Neurological causes: Amnesia caused due to damage in the brain. These can be due to brain stroke, a tumor in the brain, hemorrhage in the brain, overdose of neurotic pills, deficiency of oxygen in the brain, bacterial infections, viral infections, poisoning due to carbon monoxide and so forth.

Psychological issues: Psychological issues can be dreadful due to sexual abuse or child abuse, natural calamities and natural disaster, terrorist attack or brutal crime.

A healthy lifestyle

Diet is very significant in the treatment of memory-loss. The diet should contain all significant nutrients as deficiency of any nutrients can trigger anxiety neurosis in patients. It is advised to avoid tea, alcohol, meat, coffee, sugar, and all the food items that contain sugar and white flour for those suffering from amnesia.

Healthy Foods to Prevent/Treat Amnesia


They are known to enhance cognitive abilities and helps in restoring weak memory caused by brain fatigue. They have extensive properties that enhance the neural connections in the brain and strengthen them.

It is advised to soak a dozen of almonds in water for twelve hours and then ingest it. You may also make a fine paste of the soaked almonds and ingest with a teaspoon of butter. There are many other delicious ways to consume almonds as well. Moreover, no matter how you eat almonds, those taste really well.


Walnuts are known for their cognitive-enhancing properties. The efficiency of walnuts is doubled if they can be taken along with raisins, every day.


All fruits that are abundant in phosphorus are cognitive enhancers aiding in the remedy of amnesia. Phosphorus helps in the synthesis of glutamic acid, which in turn, helps in synthesis of nerve cells. It is advised to have an apple every day along with a tablespoon of honey and milk, in order to treat loss of memory and amnesia-related disorders.

Cumin seeds:

Cumin seeds along with honey, serves as a nerve tonic. A teaspoon of cumin seeds along with honey taken once in a day proves to help in treating amnesia.


Sage is an herb that is considered helpful in the treatment of amnesia. It helps in battling mental fatigue and also aids in concentration. Generally, sage is ingested in the form of tea, especially early in the morning.

Black Pepper:

It is advised to have five-ten seeds of black pepper and finely ground them along with a teaspoon of honey. Take this mixture in the morning and night.

Indian pennywort:

Indian pennywort also known as Brahmi and, botanically known as Bacopa scrophulariaceae, is highly beneficial for the treatment of amnesia.

Around seven grams of this herb ought to be dried in the shade and ground in water, alongside seven bits of almonds and a large portion of a gram of pepper. This blend ought to be stressed and sweetened with nectar or jaggery. It ought to be tanked each morning for a fortnight on an unfilled stomach.


Rosemary, botanically known as Romarinus officinalis, is considered to be the most efficient remedy for amnesia. It has been considered as the herb tonic for memory. It is very effective for mental fatigue and memory-loss. It is advised to have Rosemary in the form of tea, every day.


Beans like black-eyed peas, avocados and asparagus are considered very rich in folic acid, which aids in the treatment of amnesia. One could simply eat beans by soaking with water or boiling them.

Good fats:

Unsaturated fats obtained from rice bran; canola and olive contain oleic acid, which enhances the neural connection that helps in emotional intelligence.


Including eggs in your diet will enhance your memory. Eggs are known to contain a compound called lecithin, which help in the repair of wear and tear of the neurons.

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