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How To Cope with Angriness During Pregnancy And Ways To Control It


Pregnancy should be the most joyful and angelic period in a woman’s life, however this is not always the case. Sometimes, due to various factors such as frustration, hormone elevation and even disappointment, anger and stress can be triggered.

Those kind of emotions are the last thing you want to feel during your pregnancy.

However, anger is inevitable. You can’t control it easily, you can’t run from it and no matter how hard you try to stay calm and relaxed for the sake of your baby, it’s inevitable to get overwhelmed or caught up in an endless situation.

Some will say that anger is a normal reaction to the surroundings and there’s nothing wrong with it, if of course, occurs every once in a while. However, angriness during pregnancy can affect your fetus greatly.

You may want to consider about the fact that now you’re thinking about two people and putting your baby’s health above anything else, is just the right thing to do.

What can lead to angriness during pregnancy?

Many factors can trigger this negative emotion, but to name just a few…

Firstly, women who are expecting are a walking bomb thanks to the ravaging hormones, so mood swings are only normal and expected in this period.

So, you can expect angriness during pregnancy due to the intensive release of various hormones, which affect your mood. It’s only normal to be taken by the anger when pregnant and get all emotional for no reason, the great catch is to learn how to cope with it.

-I haven’t met a single mother that has enjoyed the morning sickness and other “perks” that pregnancy has to offer. Your body is normally changing, you get a different body shape and feeling uncomfortable in your own body seems only natural during your pregnancy.

These types of changes trigger angriness during pregnancy and once you get on board with the idea that the “discomfort” is caused by the most miraculous thing on Earth, then you’ll easily find a way to deal with it.

Fear is also another trigger of angriness during pregnancy. Is my baby OK? Is all of this normal? Is my baby healthy? Are these contractions expected in this period of the pregnancy? You can’t help these thoughts, however regular check-ups with your doctor may calm you down.

How to cope with angriness during pregnancy?

  1. Positive thoughts trigger positive events

Always have faith that everything will be all right. Pregnancy is a challenge and thinking of the worst can only affect your baby’s health. Think about the positive changes that await you after those glorious months, at the end of the day you are responsible for the creation of another human being. What’s more miraculous than that?

  1. Find your inner peace

Whether you choose to do yoga, meditate or simply take a long walk in order to find your peace and quiet, everything that works for you, works for the baby as well. Angriness during pregnancy will lead you nowhere, however once you’ve come to terms with yourself, it’s all rainbows and unicorns.

  1. You are what you eat

This is literally true! Junk food and too much sugar will only increase your anxiety and remember that you baby’s in need of those precious nutrients which you won’t find it in unhealthy food.

Eat frequently, properly and choose wisely. Take as many naps as you want and have a good night sleep during the night. Sounds perfect to me, I am calm and relaxed just by reading this!

Possible consequences from angriness during pregnancy

Any negative feeling, emotion or event may impact your pregnancy, negatively or positively. It’s your call! You can decide how your pregnancy will take its course and we hope that you’ll choose wisely.

Angriness during pregnancy will affect your pregnancy in the most negative way, for instance be the reason for the premature birth, affect the baby’s growing in the womb, cause hyperactivity and even lead to the birth of underweight babies. So, think twice if, angriness during pregnancy is worth all that much.