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Coping With Cancer Pain Amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic


Living with cancer and going through a battle for your life would be enough for anyone to handle. Add the stress and fear of a global pandemic into the mix, and you can expect many cancer patients to be pushed past their courageous limits. This unprecedented global emergency has left many patients to deal with their fight alone.

For those suffering from pain due to their cancer or their treatments, life can be exhausting physically and mentally. Patients must be getting the care that they need despite the pandemic restrictions.

With the help of family support systems, medical staff, and the pain management professionals at seattlepainrelief.com, those fighting cancer for their life can manage their pain through the pandemic. 

Stress Relief

Dealing with a cancer diagnosis is stressful enough without the added strain of worrying about contracting a deadly virus. Those with weakened immune systems who are going through treatment are especially at risk. When you add that additional stress to a patient that is already struggling, the pressure can take its toll.

Managing stress levels can help to reduce pain levels. Introducing a mindful meditation routine can help center worrying thoughts, release tensed muscles, and calm the mind. 

Stay On Track

The pandemic should not stop cancer patients from getting the life-saving treatment that they need. Although there are many COVID-19 restrictions in place, especially in hospitals and clinics, patients should not avoid their appointments out of fear.

Medical facilities are ready to deal with the social distancing requirements that will keep patients as safe as possible. Patients should stay in contact with their medical team in person, on the phone, or through video conferencing so that their treatment and condition can be closely monitored.

Stay Connected

One of the most challenging things for cancer patients to deal with during the pandemic is isolation. With millions of people worldwide being asked to quarantine away from friends and family, the support system that patients rely on becomes distant.

Although it’s critical for cancer patients to protect themselves and their compromised immune systems during the pandemic, they need to stay connected however they can. Phone calls, video chats, and distanced in-person visits can make a real difference to anyone fighting a battle with cancer.

Stay Offline

Social media was intended to help people stay connected to loved ones and friends. The sad thing is, many sites are currently packed full of conspiracy theories and misinformation about the pandemic that can be stressful and tough to swallow. As stress levels and worry can increase pain levels in those fighting cancer, it’s a good idea to unplug whenever you can and avoid the online nonsense that can leave you feeling anxious and confused.

The fight against cancer is one of the most challenging battles that anyone can face. When you are in pain, feeling unwell, and have limited energy, it’s essential to do what you can to stay positive. During the COVID-19 pandemic, make sure that you continue with your treatments, stay on top of all your appointments and doctor reviews, and reach out to family and friends for the support that will help get you through.