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This Couple Hiked For 3-Weeks To Get Married A Top Mount Everest. Their Wedding Photos Are Stunning


The wedding day is the happiest day of our lives. However, what that day is going to look like, depends solely on the couple’s wishes.

35-year-old James Sisson and 32-year-old Ashley Schmeider from California decided to go beyond the traditional and have a more authentic wedding which was more characteristic to their personalities.

They planned their wedding for a whole year, just like any other bride and groom would do, and decided to have it 17,000-feet up in the clouds, on top of Mt. Everest.  So they set on the most exciting journey of their lives.

When they landed in Nepal, in early March, they found out that planning the journey was nothing like going through it.  Together with their photographer Charleton Churchill, the couple climbed the 17,000 feet and reached Base Camp. There they exchanged their vows.

The couple travelled three whole weeks in order to reach their destination, meanwhile undergoing cold, harsh and bad weather conditions.                                  

Altitude sickness and freezing temperatures didn’t stop them to continue to the top where they said their “I do’s”.  

Although all this was challenging for him too, the photographer is really glad for being part of this adventure. He took the most amazing wedding photos. There are no others like them.                                          

Go through some of the photos below and marvel at both the beautiful scenery and beautiful couple.