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Couple Married For 61-Years Reveals Their Secret For Successful Marriage


James and Eileen Finn, a happily married couple for 61 years share the secret for their successful and long marriage.


When we see happily married couples we could not help but wonder: What’s their secret? How they’ve managed to stay happy and in love for so long?

James and Eileen are one such couple. They first met at the Galway Races 66 years ago. They celebrated their 61-year anniversary 3 weeks ago in Belmont House Nursing Home where they’ve lived together since November 2015.

They shared the secret to their happy marriage on their anniversary.

Eileen (94) said that patience and compromise are the most important things in a marriage. Patience, and especially compromise is what kept them together for so long.

James worked in export sales before retirement, enjoyed playing golf, and volunteered at St. Vincent De Paul. Eileen was a housewife, a mother, and a volunteer for the Samaritans for 26 years.

James (92) said that when he first met Eileen he didn’t know immediately if she was the one for him, but later he knew.

This romantic duo with a combined age of 186 years has 3 grown-up children. They have traveled a lot together, and they have lived in England for a long time.  

As in every marriage, they had problems and hard times, but the patience and understanding they have for each other have made it possible for them to overcome all their difficulties.

Eileen said that the most difficult time for her was when their children were teenagers and James have traveled a lot that period, so she was alone with them. That period was challenging for Eileen, but they got over it.

James and Eileen love their lives at the nursing home. They say they live a happy life without worries. They have a sense of freedom there, and they spend the time doing interesting activities. They hope to see their children soon.

They believe they are the longest-married couple there.

Finally, James said that if you want your marriage to succeed try not to worry too much and just get on with it.