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If You Crave Alone Time, You Are Much Smarter Than You Think


It is said and believed that every human being on Earth needs companionship, and a feeling of community, belonging, and acceptance. Studies proved that when animals are left alone, they die. Same is thought to be true of humans.

However, one study showed that this is not entirely the case when it comes to highly intelligent people.

According to the study’s findings, the more people socialized with other people the happier they were. However, this was not true for people who are highly intelligent. Contrary, highly intelligent people were less happy, less productive, and more anxious when they were around more people.

According to the researchers, there are few reasons for this: intelligent people can entertain themselves in any environment and won’t get bored if they are left alone, they need time to focus on their goals and because of that they don’t have much time to spend on socializing with others. Plus, they don’t need the approval and the company of others to make them feel valued and accepted.

In fact, smart people need their alone time to reflect and decompress. They analyze in silence the events that happen around them and try to learn from them. They can be often found sitting by themselves with a pen and paper and drafting ideas and future plans.

Moreover, it is found that highly intelligent people are those who have a calm and reserved nature. They would rather spend a Friday night reading a book in their cozy home, than going out for drinks with friends.

After all, smart people know that they are their best company. And sometimes, it is better to be alone than spending your time in meaningless social gatherings that won’t bring any value to your life.