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Customize Your Own Protein Powders For Your Lifestyle


Health is wealth; it’s a saying that has been going around for ages. In today’s world, the most common method to maintain one’s health is via gyms. They not only promote weight loss but also help you gain strength and work on your overall fitness. Along with exercise, it is important one takes into account their eating habits to maintain their overall fitness. Since keeping up with a balanced diet is becoming more and more difficult, protein powder usage for muscle building has become a popular source of nutrition. 

Type of Protein Powders

– Whey Protein

– Casein Protein

– Egg Protein

– Pea Protein

– Hemp Protein

– Brown Rice Protein

– Mixed Plants Protein

There are a variety of protein powders available today, being sold by various brands and advertised by fitness enthusiast celebrities. It is important that not every product is the same and might not be as well suited for all. 

How to customize the protein powder? 

If the brand allows you to customize the protein powder, they will take a quiz. Firstly, they will understand your lifestyle, fitness goals, and food preferences. 

Once this is understood, they will create the perfect formula for you. Some brands also allow you to speak with the dietician before recommending the best protein powder. 

Custom protein powder is a better deal because not everyone’s body is made equal. 

Vegan Protein Powders

Protein content has always been easier to acquire for meat-eating people, given its abundant presence in the meat. But now, as veganism is on the rise, protein powders are becoming more and more adaptive to this life choice. Soy, Hemp, Pea, Rice, and peanut provide examples of vegan protein powders. This shift in society shows a great deal of advancement that we have been making.

How to choose what is best for you?

With the increasing demand for protein powder, the products’ versatility is rising, and one can customize their product. You can now create your protein powder blend based on your preferences, considering your fitness regime, your everyday diet, etc.

These days buying protein powder isn’t as easy as it may sound; as you try to make a purchase, you are asked about your lifestyle choices if you eat meat or not, if you take any other supplements, and to add a little fun to it, what flavor you would like for it to taste like. 

Benefits of Protein Powder

You ask any person who frequents the gym; they will immediately start listing the benefits of protein powders for you. 

– It acts as a building block of bones, muscles, and skin

– Helps in weight management 

– Helps in muscle growth 

– Added nutrition 

– Saves the trouble of cooking a protein-rich diet 

Ways to use Protein Powder

There are a variety of ways in which you can consume it. You can mix two or more of them, have it in the form of a milkshake (the most commonly used method), or you can even use it while baking to make that cake, just a little healthier.

Summing up

Protein powders are very beneficial by themselves, but you have to start making them your own if you want to enjoy them. Some brands allow you to customize your protein powders that fit your lifestyle. 

One also needs to be calculative about their requirements, as too much of something is always harmful. Thus it is still advisable to consult a nutritionist first if you are a beginner at it.