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Customized Candles for Astrology Lovers


The universe is constantly trying to communicate with you, but for you to understand the message you have to always be looking for the signs it is giving you. Do you always seem to look at the clock at a certain time of the day or feel unusual drawn to a certain number? This is completely natural and the universe could be trying to communicate with you.

Open All 3 of Your Eyes 

You must have your Third Eye open when you are trying to decipher signals and signs that the universe is using to communicate with you. Your powers to manifest an understanding of the language of the universe will raise and lower with the phases of the moon and about your zodiac. 

Astrology plays a large role in when and how you can communicate with the universe. Certain times of the year are better for communicating than others. During certain phases of the moon, you are even able to talk directly to the universe and request things. This is also known as manifesting. 

New To Astrology

When you are new to astrology trying to learn everything at once can feel very overwhelming. A great place to start is to learn as much as you can about yourself and all your signs. Depending on the date, year, and time that you entered the world you are assigned a sun, moon, and rising zodiac sign. Understanding all 3 can help you to better understand yourself.

Perfect Gift for Astrologist Young and Old

Whether you are new to astrology and trying to learn all about yourself or you have been into astrology for years and are a pro, you should treat yourself and some friends to birthdate candles. These candles are personalized to the birthdate of the person that ends up with the candle. It even includes details about your zodiac sign, astrological info, and numerological info.

The birthdate candles are hand-poured and only use a blend of all-natural soy and coconut wax. They also come in reusable glass containers. The containers have all of the info written on them very aesthetically and are decorated with your zodiac sign and date of birth. Each candle also has a unique scent picked based on your birthdate.

Info Included On The Candle

  • Zodiac Sign

There will be an artful depiction of your zodiac on the front of the candle. All artwork is done in black and white.

  • Personality Description

There will be a detailed personality description about you based on numerology and astrology. This description will help you to start and have a better understanding of yourself and lead you on a journey of new self-discovery.

  • Tarot Card

Tarot cards have been used to communicate with the universe for centuries. Understanding what card you are most linked to can help to give you direction and help you to start to open your third eye so that you can communicate with the universe more effectively. 

  • Ruling Number

Your ruling number may help you to start to notice patterns and realize that the universe is using that number to communicate with you.

  • Ruling Planet

Your ruling planet will help you to determine at what times of the year you will be most in tune with the universe. This will let you know the best times of year to manifest all the things that you want for yourself.

Start Your Journey to Self Discovery Today

You need to purchase a birthdate candle today for you and all your loved ones as well. That way they can all join you are your new journey of self-discovery. Learning to communicate with the universe can unlock the power to make your future into whatever you want it to be. So order your candle today so that you can figure out your ruling planet and start manifesting the life you have always wanted.